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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Back on the (Lap) Band Wagon......

Get ready for Judi's Wagon Tour!

First stop----Watertown!

When I first started my Lapband journey,  I could always be seen carrying around my water bottle.  I never left home without it.  To get in some extra protein--I always mixed Special K protein water powder (iced tea was my favorite flavor). 
 As time  went on, my water bottle became an accessory.  So, I took great pleasure is matching it to my outfits.....I got lots of great covers in lots of fun colors.   It became part of the fun of drinking water.  Hey, a girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do....
In the past two years or so, my water bottle has been hiding at the bottom of my kitchen cabinet and it's fancy covers are strewn about the cupboards.    Just like pieces of jewelry that have been replaced by cuter, more up-to-date pieces.  
Now, I know what you are's time Judi resurrect that old water bottle.
But, that's not how I roll.
My Rubbermaid water bottle and my cute bottle covers are so yesterday.....
It's time for some water bottle shopping.
And, I've got the perfect plan.
I am going Tervis Tumbler shopping.
These things are the best.
Especially for a girl who can't use a straw.
I already have a sassy red, yellow, orange and green polka dot one for my morning protein drink.
I fill it up very early in the morning with my concoction of Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Soy Protein and Tzao Chai Latte Liquid over a bunch of ice.  And, walla....there is still ice in it well into the afternoon.  
My Tervis love is so great that I've bought them for Carmen, Vince and Toni---all of them with designs befitting their interests.
And, they have all these different lids that you can add....making them even more fashionable! can also get a martini shaker lid so you can turn your Tervis Tumbler into a martini shaker!!!   Just another reason to love them.... 

If I am going to go on a WAGON TOUR......I'm gonna do it style.
Watertown, here I come!!!



Jody V said...

You find the best stuff!! I love the Harley tumblers. Thanks for sharing!

~Miss Lorie~ said...

I've got to get one, or ten, of those tumblers! Love!