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Thursday, May 3, 2012

There's nothing like the first time.....

you bite into something that tastes amazing!

Whatever it is.....that first bite is the best bite!
The experience of anticipation and taste is what we enjoy.
There is nothing quite as wonderful as tasting something luscious.
Sinking your teeth into something that you are craving or that you love is a beautiful thing.
Especially for those of us who love food.  
So, why then do we continue to eat  until we lose that wonderful feeling only to be replaced by a feeling of misery and discomfort?
 Why can't we take just one bite or maybe two or  maybe even three?  Why do we continue to eat it and even go crawling back for more when we have fed our desire for the taste and we have enjoyed it's beauty? 
All of that brings us back to that nagging question---why do we eat?
Of course, we eat to survive...that's a given.
But, survival doesn't take 30 little chocolate eggs, a peppermint patty and 2 cookies...after devouring a reasonable piece of a Delmonico steak, a 1/4 cup of wine braised mushrooms and half a baked potato with sour cream and chives and a deliciously perfect Pinot Noir.  
Yes, I'm talking about me.  
The lovely dinner was more than enough.
In fact, I was more than satisfied with the wonderful meal that we enjoyed on our deck at sunset.
Carmen had grilled the steaks to perfection, the yummy mushroom recipe is one of my favorites and I love the simplicity of baked potatoes with sour cream and chives. 
And, the Pinot Noir was a wonderful accompaniment to it all.
Sure, a bit of chocolate is a lovely way to close out a meal like that.
In fact, I highly recommend having chocolate following a meal that includes a steak.
Chocolate can be a perfect balance to such a hearty meat.
I can assure you that the first bite of the chocolate was indeed heavenly.
By the end of the night, as I secretly popped those little eggs into my mouth as I watched some of  my favorite trash TV, the wonderful meal was a distant focus became how lousy I felt. 
I threw away the joy of a great meal and was left feeling nauseated and miserable.
All because I could not stop at one bite. 
I could not stop after THE BEST BITE!

Too much of a good thing is not always a good thing.....
Excuse while I go and write that on the chalkboard 600 times. 


Jody V said...

I'm with you on this one Judi! I'm having a really tough time!

Kathy said...

The story of my life. We are kindred spirits all of us with weight issues.