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Friday, May 18, 2012

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 When my Lapband journey began and throughout at least the first two years, I followed the eat your protein first rule religiously. 
Never did I begin my meal with a salad or a veggie or mashed potatoes smothered in everything.
I was always amazed that after I ate my protein.....I wasn't hungry for the rest. 
Even on days when I was stressed or really felt like I needed to eat something wicked.....I forced myself to start with my protein.   Usually, it was salmon or crab or something from the sea.  But, there were times when it was just a few hunks of cheese.  And, there were other times when I just needed a hamburger (without the bun).  And, yes, there were other times when ricotta mixed with some marinara sauce was the only thing that would do.   When I was in a major hurry--cheese fit the bill.  When I was needing something wicked--a hamburger did the trick.   And, when I was stressed.....the comfort of marinara sauce and ricotta with an extra dusting of romano cheese was my go-to.   I never felt deprived.  In fact, I felt victorious.  Even eating out wasn't a chore---I could find a nice protein source anywhere (and I didn't have to cook it!!).
The best thing about the deliberate protein eating is that it truly did stop me from picking throughout the day or night.  I'm not sure if it stopped me because I was satisfied or if it stopped me because I was enthused by my rule following--which propelled me into "being good".  Whatever it was--by insuring that I always ate my protein first, my journey was successful. 
Sure, I wasn't angelic all of the time.  Sometimes a girl does have to go astray to stay true to her own self.  But, even with those little moments of putting way too much mayonaisse in my tuna salad, the scale was moving downward, I was feeling satisfied and healthy and I was never discouraged by my choice.   All good things....
So, what changed?  Why have I been battling a few pounds here and there every so often?
Those are the questions I  ask myself each time I find the needle on the scale moving into my forbidden territory.  
And, each time---I know the answer.
I haven't been working with my band.  
In fact, I've been working against it.
The funny thing about these extra pounds that I have been dealing with every so often is that they never send me into a major failure mode.
Which is a good thing.
Sometimes when we feel like a failure, we give up.  Then, we spiral out of control and before we know it---we are really letting things get out of hand.  As we all know...that's so easy to do.....Lapband or not.
So, what's my method to not succumbing to this madness?
I play a numbers game!
You see, since I set out on this journey to lose 100 pounds and managed to lose 115--I always saw those extra 15 pounds differently than the first 100.
In my head, it was always about 100 pounds! now....I see those extra 15 pounds as my cushion weight--- I figure that as long as I don't gain one ounce over 15 pounds--I'm good.  Other times...when I am happily wearing my Size 8 skinny jeans--I consider those 15 pounds a bonus--a reward for my hard work!  
Trust me, I don't like it when I gain any weight at all.
But, it's all a part of the journey.
I'm just back to riding the riding the WAGON on this leg of my journey.

Hello Proteinville!  I'm back......

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Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

I'm in the same position, but I haven't gotten to goal yet, and now instead of needing to lose 30, I need to lose 36! I'm so mad at myself right now, but I'm just not as motivated as I was. It does make me feel a little better knowing that one of the super stars of the band struggles too!
Thanks for sharing!