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Monday, June 28, 2010

Promises, promises......

which I intend to keep.......even if I'm a little late in making good on this one....

Last week, in a fit of blogger block, I decided to throw it out to you to ask me questions....any questions at all. And, I promised to answer them....right
Technically, I'm still within my promised promise.
Today still has about 5 more hours to go.
But, being good blogger buddies--many of you tuned in this morning to read my responses.
And, I wasn't here.....
Plus, I wasn't here yesterday.
And, you got worried.
One of you even wondered if I was trying to escape answering the questions.
A few of you thought I gave up blogging.
And, one creative sweetie even thought I got swept away on some amazing getaway without telling you.
And No.
Sunday I got swept away by exhaustion--followed up by chores and obligations.
This morning I got knocked down baby toe.
I broke it.
I never, ever run around in bare feet.
And now I know why.
My poor baby toe came in contact with a chair leg as I was running around doing laundry.
My toe is literally hanging off the side of my foot.
The laundry never made it out of the dryer.
I was too busy saying very bad words.
Morale of story---always wear shoes, never do laundry.
Shoes will always save you.
Laundry never will.
This damn baby toe hurts like hell.
Like hell.
It screwed up my entire wardrobe for today.
So, I made the best of it.
I found a pair of shoes that worked.
And fashioned my clothing around it.
And, I hobbled around.
But, at least my feet looked good.
Even if that damn baby toe hurt like a moth-a fuck-a.
Once again--saved by shoes
...... these cute, happy ones.....

Which brings me to the promised part of my blog......
Your answers.
Please keep in mind that as I answer them....I am in wretched pain.

The Prof asked.....
If you could be on the stage with Bruce while he sang any song, what song would it be?

Oh, Prof....there are so many songs. So. many. songs. If I had full use of my toes and was not in this fuckin' pain, I'd be Dancing in the Dark. And, even though I'm Born to Run....given my current state of affairs and considering I'm Blinded by the Light of my pain and I feel like I just ran a marathon on Thunder Road and my foot was run over by a Pink Cadillac....I ain't doing The E Street Shuffle. But, Prof, I'm thinking Bruce might be the only guy who could heal me I'm Countin' On a Miracle and taking a Leap of Faith that my rockin' man--the Boss--will bring me back to my Glory Days (when I could wear whatever damn shoes I wanted to) I'm going to sit here right now and fantasize about me on that stage with Bruce as he points to me and sings.....She's the One. Followed by.....Fire. Just because I need that kiss. I'll give him my best kiss. I promise.

Anonymous #1 asked these questions.....

What does your SO say about your new body?
Carmen is a man of few words. Plus, his mind is always very preoccupied So, he doesn't say much. But, I'm used to it. So, I read his mind. And what his mind is saying is that he thinks I look amazing. I'll have to tell him that's what he is thinking.....after I tell him that it was his laundry that I was doing when I broke my toe. He'll owe me a big compliment after that. I'll be sure to tell you what nice words he comes up with. I promise.

Is anyone mean to you because you lost a lot of weight (maybe your friends or family who are still fat)?
No. I'm a lucky girl. Except for the problem with my baby toe. I'll never run around sans shoes again. I promise.

Anonymous #2 asked.....

Do you miss empty nesting?

Not yet. Especially now that I need someone here to help me.....because of the baby toe and all. I'll be sure to make the most of not being an empty nester. I promise.

Jill asked.....

Do you still have PBing?
Yes, unfortunately, sometimes I do. It is one of those things that I am pretty sure I bring on myself. It doesn't happen all the time but when it does, it is not fun. It would be especially not fun if it happens while I'm incapacitated by my baby toe. I wouldn't be able to run fast to PB in private! Looks like I'll have to really adhere by the rules of the band game--eat slowly, chew well and stop when you are full. I promise.

Will you always keep your same restriction or will you let it get looser?
I never thought about this! (Just like I never thought about how goddamn much my life would be impacted by a fuckin' broken baby toe.) First things first---I would never have it loosened without cause. If I was having a problem with healthy eating and not able to eat enough, I would go to my doctor and we could figure that out together. However, in general--I try listen to my body. I got my band not only to lose the weight but to keep it off! Now that I have lost the weight--I will use my band as it was intended---I'll keep the proper restriction to make sure that I can and will maintain the weight loss. Could you imagine if I broke my baby toe when I was 115 pounds heavier? Oh my!!! I'll be sure to give thanks to my band for that! I promise.

My sister has 50 pounds to lose and her doctor will not approve the band. What do you think she should do?
Oh boy! This is a tough question. My first reaction was--tell her to eat until she gains 50 more pounds so she can get the band! Yes, it was my pain baby toe made me think that!
If I recall the rules--you have to need to lose 100 pounds or have 2-3 co-morbitities in order to qualify. It's sad when you find yourself hoping and praying that you have co-morbidities!!! But, I understand that thinking! If she is adamant on getting the band---she could definitely go to Mexico and have it done. It would be a financial commitment but there are good resources out there to help her along. Or, perhaps her doctor will help her lose the weight on a medically supervised diet. After all, 50 pounds is quite a bit of weight to lose all on your own. Although we know it's doable, it's not easy. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she'll find an answer. I would cross my toes--but I can't do that right now. I promise.

Anonymous #3 asked....

Are you going to the BOOB's convention in Chicago?

Boy, I'd really love to go!!! But, we've got some sweeping changes going on at the office right now that could definitely impact any plans I have for August and beyond. Even my vacation plans are on hold! Unfortunately, I won't even know what changes will take place until later in July. Even then, I might not know! Again....fingers crossed.....not toes. I promise.

Anonymous # 4 asked....

I am worried about how long it takes to lose weight with the band. Do you think you could do anything to lose it faster with the band? I am 52 and going to Mexico in October to be banded paying my own 100% (loan) and can't afford to keep going back for adjustments. Beginning to worry about that part of it and keep thinking it is not going to work for me after I am stuck paying this loan! I would like to hear what you and other banders might say about this.

Congratulations on your upcoming trip and banding! My first advice is this--stop worrying about how long it will take to lose the weight! The length of time is irrelevant. Yeah, I know, you think I'm delirious from the baby toe pain. No. No. No. My advice--focus your mental energy on learning how to make the band work for you. I can and will tell you that the band works. It may not be as fast as you would like it to work. But, it does work. Absolutely. You have to work with it of course. It is a tool. A powerful tool. Keep in mind that you are paying for it in more ways than one---make it worthwhile. Given the fact that I don't know much about the costs of banding in Mexico or how the fills work when you are banded in Mexico--I suggest you connect with other Mexican banders on There's a wealth of info there. Also, check out some of my blog followers who have blogs--a few of them do travel for their fills. What I do know is that if you are committed to getting the band--you must be committed to having the band. There are many, many of us who have been successful---join us! You can and will do it. It's not easy to stop worrying. Look at it this way--what if you didn't get the band?
Oh...and please stick around.....reading blogs of fellow banders will truly get you through these next months as you wait and every month afterwards.....I promise.

Lucy asked these questions....

Can you eat a whole chix cutlet parmigiana?
How big is the cutlet Lucy?
As big as my baby toe?
If so, then.....yes.
I promise.

Where do you store all your shoes?
Oh, Lucy! My shoes have a mind of their own. They can be found anywhere. And everywhere.
Which explains why I didn't have a pair on when I had my baby toe accident....
I am going to think about finding homes for those shoes. I promise.

Do you have a cleaning person?
Most of the time--yes. In the summers I don't have regular paid cleaning help because of our schedules.
Figures....just when I need it most....because of my baby toe mishap....
However, right now, I'm in between help! I had a young couple who did the work. However, they unexpectedly broke up and the woman ran off and married someone else. So, unless one of them resurfaces before the end of the summer---I'm in need of help come September.
I promise.

Thanks for askin'!

There you go......don't let it ever be said that Judi is not a promise keeper.
No matter what kind of pain she is in.

As for last Thursday's mystery

What was I doing?
I was.....Slappin' Zee Bag.....
The things you learn from your children when they come home from college for the summer.
No wonder tuition is so high these days.
They are learning things we never did.

I promise.


Viv said...

Judi, there's not much to be done for broken baby toes but adhesive taping that toe to the next toe will help keep it in alignment and not get caught on anything and be less painful. Sorry that happened to you. I've done it more than once and know that it's painful

Jen said...

Judi! Thanks for clearing up everything. My day was not the same without you!
I hope your toe gets better.

Kathy said...

Ouch!! I did that once too. Hurt like crazy!! I thoroughly enjoyed your clever answers to all those questions. So funny!!