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Thursday, June 17, 2010 you don't want to admit.....

that all of you drank so much wine that you forgot to answer my call for help on wine selections! (except Band Groupie....a true Pittsburgher! Unlike the rest of you....that girl can hold her wine and post comments at the same time!)

But, have no fear, friends.....this is something I can forgive.....
Been there, done that.

But, don't ever steal my shoes...that's something I can't matter how much I love you.

Yes, I made it to Thursday.
No thanks to your wine help.
No matter.
I managed to survive.
When I didn't hear from you when the deadline rolled will be happy to know that I made the best of things.
I by-passed the wine store and opted to go to a little Mexican restaurant with Toni....we shared fish tacos.
We sat on the deck and soaked up the sun as we chatted about boys and shoes and fashion and our trip to New York.
I took them up on their wine special.....
I have no idea what it was.
But, it did me just fine.
So, it was a good night.
And, I'm okay this morning.
I suppose I have YOU to thank for that.
If you would have all answered me, I'd still be passed on the deck.
And Toni would be starving.
Things always work out for the best....don't they?

Note to Band Groupie....I may be stopping at the wine store tonight...thanks!


Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Sorry Judi, but I am not much of a wine fashionista! I will have some Pinot Grigio on occasion but not much else. I'm kind of a margarita girl!

Nicole said...

I must have not seen your's funny since the band my choices on wine have changed I used to like sweet I like Pinot Grigio(barefoot and Santa Margarita) but now I like reds too! Malbec and I had a Merlot or cab that was called 4 layer chocolate cake it was delicious!

-Grace- said...

Your evening sounds like it was delightful even without wint!

Stephanie said...

I don't know why i didn't see the original post, but i wouldn't have been a big help anyway. My knowledge of wines is very limited. I enjoy a nice rhine wine on occasion, but that's about it!

-Grace- said...

Or even wine!

Bonnie said...

Sorry I've been slacking on my commenting lately. I've been sulking in my corner waiting for my freaking insurance approval for my surgery.

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

You really, really don't want my wine selections. invention...ever.

Jody V said...

Sorry Judi! I have been really trying to think this one out!

I have 2 for you to try. The first is while merlot. I believe it was Sutter Home. Delicious and very light!! Also, Vixen White by Fox Creek. Light and luscious!!