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Monday, June 7, 2010

Cardinal rule of the dressing room.........

As you stand in the three-way mirror trying to decide on an outfit you've been craving for weeks that has now just went on sale--never ask a not-so-stylish woman what she thinks of the outfit.

If you don't like her style--you won't like what she has to say.

With a few words out of her pale (no lipstick!!) lips--all of a sudden, that outfit you've been visiting for the past few weeks and dreaming about and praying it would go on sale becomes less than desirable.

Yes, that's how it went.
Toni and I took a little jaunt over to Anthropologie yesterday. It was not planned. We landed there because we parked in the upper lot of the little mall where our fav Starbucks is located. We needed our Starbucks fix pronto. But, to get there, we had to pass by Anthropologie on the way through the mall.
And,what to our wondering eyes did appear outside of Anthropologie--a sidewalk sale.
And, if that wasn't amazing enough--there--amongst the sale items--the outfit I've been lusting over. On sale. Ridiculously on sale!
It could be just the perfect thing to wear to the New Jersey wedding, I excitedly told Toni!
Toni agreed as I cheered--fist pumping my good fortune!
In one quick swoop, I picked up the outfit and raced back to the dressing room to try it on!
I couldn't risk anyone else getting their hands on my outfit!

After carefully putting it on, I emerged from the dressing room for Toni's input.
She loved it, gave it her blessing and said I should get it.
As I stepped over to the three-way mirror, a non-descript woman about my age was waiting for someone outside of a dressing room and an adorable sales person was standing in front of another dressing room.
I looked over at them and asked "what do you think?"
The boringly dressed woman spoke first..."it's too youthful for you. That's why I put it down"
I immediately questioned my taste.
I looked in the mirror once again...moving about, looking at it from every angle.

Why wasn't I seeing what she saw?
I still loved it.
The fashionable sales person looked at me in bemusement.
Toni rolled her eyes.
The woman who almost stole my outfit but found it too youthful, stood by and watched me.
I lingered at the mirror a bit longer as Toni continued to make faces at me--letting me know she thought the woman was not to be listened to.
But, I was nervous--afraid to say "but I love it and I am buying it!"
I didn't want to offend the woman with no taste.

She seemed like someone I wouldn't want to mess with.

What kind of nut case am I?
I eyed her up one more time--wondering what the heck she was doing in Anthropologie--of all places. Isn't this a place for people with good taste?
She must have been lured in by someone with decent taste.

I wanted her to leave the dressing room immediately so I could do my happy dance, tell the world I was buying it and of course--check with the cute sales person to get her opinion.
Finally, the woman in the navy blue pedal pushers, maroon empire wasted top and brown Jesus sandals (who would wear this outfit? really!) left.
When I was sure she was out of ear shot, I approached the cute sales person.
"What do you think?" I asked.
She rolled her eyes, smiling...."I didn't know what to say when she told you that!" she laughed.
"It looks great!"
That's just what I thought!
Us girls of good taste must stick together and rely on each other.
Gotta stay away from the ones who are not as blessed.....

So, that's just what I did--I stayed away from the woman with questionable taste.
I waited until she had left the store before I went to the register to purchase the outfit that she thought was too youthful.
I was just a wee bit afraid she'd see me going against her opinion....
Yes, I know....I'm a bit irrational like that....
And, when I did go to buy the object of my desire....the sales clerk smiled broadly...."one of my favorites!"
I shared my experience with her...telling her I wanted to kick the woman who said the outfit was too youthful for me. I was very dramatic.
The sales clerk laughed and told me that it was the perfect out for me.
I was thrilled.
As I turned to go, I smiled at the young girl behind me and left the store.

Moments later, as Toni and I were exiting the mall--who did I see?
The woman with bad taste....and her daughter.....the young girl who stood behind me at Anthropologie....
Clearly, the daughter had overheard the story.
And, clearly she told her mother.

They both glared at us.

What did we do?
We ran to Starbucks!
Saved once again by a Chai Latte!


Jacquie said...

I am sitting her at 4:45 a.m. laughing while reading this! Good for you to blow her off! Enjoy the "youthful" outfit...I am sure it looks great on you!

Debbie said...

You know the old saying, "opinions are like a...holes, everyone has one.". You always have and still do have the most fashion sense/ style of anyone I know. Glad you bought it... Though always the peacemaker you waited till she left the store... What would Freud say about that?

Stephanie said...

She was more than likely just jealous of you looking awesome in the outfit instead of her and her frumpy self! You will look lovely in it, I'm sure!!

Jody V said...

I was going to say the same thing as Debbie! I can't believe the daughter was behind you!! What a funny story!!


~ Katie ~ said...

Sounds like she was jealous of you Rock'n the outfit! :)

Drazil said...

HA - this was so have to post pics of this outfit. I'm dying to see the "youthful" thing on you!

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

Way to go for buying it anyway. Kudos to you! I think you dress adorable, not too youthful in my opinion. I never ask "crappy dressers" for their advice, that's why they dress crappy...they have crappy advice.