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Thursday, December 20, 2007


This whole internet thing had to be invented just for me. For starters---it's helped me to keep in touch with old and dear friends on a regular basis, it's given me a blank page to write as much or as little as I want, it keeps me in touch with my kids throughout the day and oh yeah---it's here 24-7. Which means----so are my friends. And, so are the many things and ideas and people who inspire me. And, so are my blank pages...waiting for me to bring them to life. With a push of a button, the flicker of a screen and a tap on a keyboard--I am out in the universe. A universe that is as far away as Australia and as close as my own backyard. So, whoever invented the internet for me---THANK YOU! I'm not sure if the techno genius who invented the internet had any inkling at all that he/she would be creating a world with no boundaries, no limits and no distance. And, I highly doubt that this techno genius even considered the idea that his/her invention would play a part in human relationships. No, I'm quite sure this techno genius just needed to get something done or solve a problem and that's how it all started. That's how those techno geniuses are. He/she would have never thought that there would be a 48 year old woman (wearing the spunkiest little slippers) sitting in a tiny room off of her kitchen in a little suburban hamlet of Pennsylvania using his/her invention to hold the hand of a friend who is joining Bandland today. And, I'm sure that this techno genius would have never guessed that his/her invention would be the one thing that started a friendship, encouraged a person to change her life and helped two people draw hope and motivation from each other. But, that's what happened. Right here---in my life. Let me tell you about it.

Many months ago, as I was doing some research on Lapband surgery, I stumbled upon an online forum dedicated to Lapbanders. It was there that I first met Sandy. She happened to be from the same part of Pennsylvania and had also selected the same surgery group that I was researching. Over the next few months, we touched base every so often as we went through the long and harrowing process of the pre-lapband requirements. Unfortunately, Sandy got stuck in some requirement red tape along the way--postponing her surgery for quite some time---while I went on to have my surgery. During this time, Sandy soldiered on---frustrated, apprehensive and just a little bit disgusted. Finally, after many months of perseverance, her surgery date was scheduled. That is when she emailed me---"can we meet?". And, so, we arranged to get together the week after Thanksgiving at a little cafe somewhere between our two homes. Now, I have to tell you that I had no idea what Sandy looked like. The only clue I even had was that she was having lapband surgery. So, I figured she know.....overweight. So, that night, when I arrived at the cafe, it was a bit crowded. I looked around the room and scouted out possible Sandy candidates and then casually walked by them and said "Sandy?" to see if they would respond. Anyway, after my third try, I figured I'd just stand by the door and wait for someone to say something to me. But, you know---she didn't have to. The minute I saw Sandy---I knew it was her. We immediately hugged as if we were long lost friends. And, then she handed me a bag---in it was a frame that said "BELIEVE". I was so touched. That is when she told me that I.....yes me and my blog.....were her inspiration and motivation. Imagine? Me and my blog inspired this lovely, sweet and beautiful woman. Sandy may think that I have given her something. But, it is she who gave the most beautiful gift of all to me. My friend Sandy is having Lapband surgery today. My heart is full.


Anonymous said...

Lovin' the shoes. They look like twirlin' shoes!!!! Good luck to your friend. Heartwarming story. Thanks for sharing. You are just Ms. Good Deed, aren't you?
love you!

marib said...

Ahhhhhhh! A Christmas miracle!
You are the best!

unnecessaryneeds said...

Hi Judi,
My daughter Rachael had her surgery and is now home here resting and doing okay. Thank you for sending her such a thoughtful note. (she just saw it last night) Of course you inspired your friend Sandy with your blog. Your personality shines through this blog and gives much encouragement and love. Your description of trying to find Sandy at the cafe gave me a big chuckle!
Have a Merry Christmas. I bet you are so happy to look and feel so good this year. Your shoes are adorable.
Hope Santa is extra good to you!