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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Party Update.......

No one said a word. Nope, not one word. I wore a lovely 2 piece black velvet ensemble (flowing "gouchos" with a portrait collared bollero swing jacket) , a lacey champagne colored tank, a pair of shiney black patent pumps and some very outstanding jewelry. But, no one said a word. Perhaps if they would have seen my very sweet and wonderfully sassy undergarments then they may have uttered at least a little sound. But, they said nothing. Nada. Zippo. What's a girl gotta do to get a little attention in a room of 300 Engineers? I mean, I am getting *THIS* close to loosing the equivalence of an Elephant's penis (60 lbs)..........

Well, that's all I have to say about that........!


Anonymous said...


Tell us about those sassy undies!


Anonymous said...

My only defense is that ignorance is bliss…. I “You Tube” an elephant penis to see exactly how big and how much weight you lost in comparison with this. All I can say is wow…even though I found myself in a creepy state of mind.


bigbandedbob said...


I need to say 2 things:
1. Engineers are blind
2. Engineers are idiots

Now I need to SEE 2 things:
1. Your sassy undergarments
2. The Elephant penis that your friend saw!

2 more things
1. Don't worry
2. Be Happy

YOU are the best gift under the tree! Many of us would not have got to this point in Lapband world if it were not for YOU! We owe you more gratitude than you will ever know. No engineer could have done this for us!
YOU are the best Judi love! SEXY, SMART and SWEET. A fantasy girl if there ever was one!

BandedBonnie said...

Hi Judi,
My lst post to your blog even tho I email you a bit. I wanted to come out here in public and say thanks for having the guts to say that you "need attention" and to say that you are upset that you did not get it and shame on those people who could not comment on your accomplishment!!!!!!!!!

I can relate so much to this. Good feeling knowing I am not the only one who feels this way and I do get hurt by it. A scale is not the only thing that should tell us that we are succeeding! This is a good example of WHY I read your blog!
(hope those engineers read this!)

BTW: Yuko on the elephant penis thing!

cherishmenow said...

Hi Judi,
Checking in and happy to see how great you are doing. Me-not so great. Head hunger and not enough restriction is probably the problem. I will have to have an adjustment after Jan 1. Might as well enjoy the holidays anyway. Another Jan 1 diet for me.

unecessaryneeds said...


My daughter Rachael is having her surgery this afternoon. We are leaving for the hospital in an hour. She was up all night,poor thing! She was not alone! YOU were with her! YOU and your blog. She read it from beginning to end many times as well as the articles you emailed us. You've been our angel. ((((BIG HUGS))) Thank "you" for being here 24-7!
Keep my Rach in your thoughts today. It is the beginning of her new life! I am so happy.
Best to you and your family this holiday season.
V & Rachael

Daffodil Hill said...

You were just so gorgeous that you left them speechless! Now I wanna see pics of you in those spectacular outfits. Don't fret yourself over engineers (well, except for one extra special guy). I'll bet he's still smiling about that sassy underwear. ; )