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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I believe..........

In the journey............

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Bigbandedbob said...

Did ya hear? Santa got all of our letters! YOU SAVED SANTA! Listen to this story.....

T’was the night before Christmas, I’d binged through the house,

I’d just emptied the fridge and I felt like a louse;

My XXXL pants were hung on the chair,

They were getting quite snug, almost too tight to wear.

So I put on my sweats, nestled deep in the blues,

“I will never be thin”, to myself I did muse,

And as deep in depression I dolefully sat,

I accepted the truth: I would always be fat.

When way up on the roof deftly landed two feet,

Landed ever so lightly, the sound so discreet,

That I just barely heard it, but wanted to see

What the source of this sound could potentially be.

Away to the window I stumbled and shuffled

And got such a shock that my shout went unmuffled.

For right there on my roof, standing thin as a stick

And as fit as a fiddle was – that’s right - St. Nick!

Well, I stuttered and stammered – “Santa, you look great,

Please tell me your secret – how’d you lose all that weight?”

With a wink of his eye he extended his hand,

And he said, “Got two words for you, sonny – The Band!”