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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The snow was falling.......

and I was seeking warmth and comfort.

Why can't I just put on the fireplace, curl up with a soft furry throw and a cup of herbal tea?
What is it about softly falling snow, a howling wind, the chill of a winter's night and TV Christmas specials that made me need those damn chocolate and peanut butter buckeyes my niece brought over for Thanksgiving?

Last night was just an ordinary night.
Fought rush hour traffic.
Stopped off at the grocery store---had to fight the crowds trying to use their $10 coupon before it expired.
Drove home, trying to figure out what to make for dinner, listening to Christmas carols.
Unloaded the car in the blustery cold.
Put away the groceries.
Got a quick dinner organized.
Went upstairs to put on something warm and comfortable.
Got everything organized for today.
Read the paper.
Ate dinner.
Chatted on the phone.
Watched Food Network's TV specials as I cleaned up the kitchen.
Finished up some laundry.
Cleaned the snow from the front steps and walkway.
Answered email.
Sat down to watch the news.
I was cold.
I was tired.
I was a little bit lonely.
Then, I heard the cries of the buckeyes I put in the freezer.
They were cold and lonely too.
Misery loves company. Right?

And, the snow was falling.

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Darlin1 said...

Funny how---even though you hide something or put it away---you always know that it is there---just waiting!!!