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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Minus 115....give or take a few.....

That's my 'Tis the season response to the question......"how much weight did you lose?"

You know how it is during the's the time to gather together with friends and family.
Many of whom you don't see all that often.
Others you see quite a bit.
I'm not sure if it's just because I've lost all this weight or if it's because my family and friends are obsessed with weight in general but no matter where we are and no matter when we are together--the topic of weight always comes up.
Holiday weight talk is a definite.
And, because my Lapband surgery went public from the moment I decided to do weight loss story always comes up.
This does not not bother me one bit.
Yes, I was a fat girl....I own it.
I'm happy to share my story, strut my stuff and give advice to anyone who wants to hear it.
The wonderfully wacky thing about the people I run and friends that my weight loss is always big news.
It never gets old.
As soon as I walk into a room....sometimes even before the kissing starts.
"There she is, our skinny Judi!"
"Look at Judi, she lost so much weight!"

"Judi, I still can't believe you lost all that weight!"

"Oh my God, you just get thinner each time I see you!"

"Judi, come over here, tell everyone how much weight you lost!"

"Judi, what size are you wearing NOW?"

and my all time favorite.....courtesy of my almost 90-year-old father...who I might add....recites this very no one in long as he has an audience!
"There's my daughter Judi, she had weight loss surgery, thank God! Best thing she ever did! She thought I wouldn't be happy about it but I told her that she needed it! She was very big! She had a pretty face but oh boy was she fat! She got my mom's weight problem. She looks good now, doesn't she? She might need some skin removed though. From all the weight loss, you know. "

I am (and hopefully will be forever) known as the girl who got a Lapband and lost 115 pounds.
It's who I am these days.
It could be worse....right?

When anyone asks me how much weight I've lost--I tell them--115 pounds.
It's a nice number.
People gasp.
Others applaud.
Some people cover their mouths in shock.
I feel victorious.
It's all good.
And, for all intents and purposes, I did lose 115 pounds.
But, in real life-- I've got this body that never weighs the same exact amount all of the time.
It's never steady over a one week period, let alone a 24 hour period.
But, I consider any jump within 5 pounds up or down as a visiting weight.
My real weight is 115 pounds below the day I laid down on the operating table and had my Lapband inserted.
So, as I'm partying and holidaying and making merry through the season and hob nobbing with my tribe of spirited friends and amazing family--I'm sticking with the I lost 115 pounds story.
We'll keep the visiting weight thing between you and me.
It's our little Christmas secret.


Darlin1 said...

Judi--I love how you are so up front with your weight loss. I on the other hand don't want to be the topic of conversation--maybe someday?

Lee Ann said...

Judi, I love the photo you posted today! Too cute. I admire how open you are about your surgery. I'm too chicken. I've thought long and hard about telling my mom and mother-in-law. Neither have weight struggles. Both are thin. Both make comments about people who are overweight. I wish I had the courage that you have. I hate "living a lie" but I can't handle rejection & criticism right now. Did you tell people before or after surgery? And how did you make your announcement?

Kathy said...

I understand the visiting weight thing. I too fluctuate up and down a few pounds. Now if only I would stay on track so I could finish this weight loss. I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas filled with love and happiness.