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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ghosts of moments past.......

Sometimes the best gifts don't come wrapped up in bows and fancy papers.....they find their way to us at the most unexpected times.

Last week, at a holiday luncheon, I ran into an old colleague who I worked very closely with for many years. We traveled together, we ate lunch together, we went out on the town together, we celebrated the births of our children together and climbed the slippery ladders of our careers together. It was always good to have someone so supportive and smart and fun to spend the long hours of those early career days with.
It was fun to catch up on what was going on in our lives and reflect on how fast the years have gone by. We laughed about the fact that we were not talking about promotions or career moves or work challenges or the world of balancing work and home life. Instead, we raised our eyebrows as we overheard the younger professionals at the luncheon discuss those things.
We whispered about when we might retire, what kinds of things we'd like to do with our free time and we marveled at the fact that we both lasted so long---30 years and counting.
As we bid each other farewell--we promised to keep in touch and to get together.....soon.
Promises I hope we keep.
Thankfully, my friend took the first step in staying in touch by sending me a lovely Christmas greeting.....with the following pictures.....from a conference in 1988.
Once you look at these will have no doubt that I was a true 80's girl.
They were good years.

Here's a picture of my grad student Walt and I......

Here's my colleague Linda (in the blue dress with pearls) and I with someone who I don't remember. Well, I remember her face but I can't recall her name or what college or university she came from.

Here's me giving a speech. I wonder what I was talking about. I am sure it was very important. At the time.
And, here's me with someone who I don't remember either. I'm guessing we took this picture since we were dressed similarly. You know, I always loved that dress....

God Bless Us.....everyone of us!

There's a special beauty in reminiscing about the past and having the chance to peak into it.
What a beautiful gift.

Now, I must return to the present.
Christmas is only days away.


Theresa said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing. I love that dress and had a very similar one too!

Lee Ann said...

Hey, that was the style. I was in about 8th grade when those dresses were in style because I wore a similar one to the 8th grade prom. We could have played football in those dresses and not gotten injured!

Bonnie said...

Sorry about the Steelers comment, but you know that we are huge rivals. However, football season doesn't last long and I expect our blogging friendship will survive. Love the pictures. Hopefully you and your friend will stay in touch because it is fun to have someone who "knows you when..." Hope you have a wonderful holiday.