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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My little office off of the kitchen is a little too cold this morning.
We're having a bitter cold wave here in my little suburban hamlet.
I can hear the wind howling outside the window.
There's frost on the window pane.

I can't think.
I can't type.
I can only shiver.

I'm thinking this might be the only downside of being a thinner girl.
But, you won't hear me complaining.
Especially because my mouth is frozen shut.....

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Lee Ann said...

Judi, Hi, I came across you on the SOB blog & noticed we are in the same city! I'll have to catch up on your blog when I have the chance. Just wanted to say hi & that I swear I recognize you from somewhere. Trader Joe's maybe? Everyone I know shops there, so you probably do too, ha! I'm hoping to get banded at the end of next month (pending insurance approval) and aspire to be an SOB like you someday. :) Stay warm.