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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My father.....the 94 year old Weight Watcher......

No, he's not watching HIS weight.
He's watching MINE.  

At my nephews graduation party this past weekend, I took a little break from the kitchen and sat next to my father with some chips and a small bowl of this amazing chicken cheese thing that my sister makes.  He had just consumed a huge plate full of fabulous food and was digging into a plate of cookies that my cousin had put in front of him.
As I was taking my first father cleared his throat....."You better watch what you eat"  he said.  I nodded appreciatively and proceeded to eat this fabulous chicken cheese thing. 
"You can't eat too much you know," he said.  
"Yes, I know," I replied...thinking he was concerned that I might have a Lap Band issue.
I took another bite.
"What else did you eat today?"  he asked.
"Not much, I have been in the kitchen," I told him.
"You better watch it," he said.
"I am fine," I told him. 
"I mean, you can't let your weight go up again!"  he said.
"What????"  I responded with surprise.
My cousin--who was next to me---looked at my father and then at me.  She shrugged her shoulders and smiled.
"You can't get fat like that again!  Have you gained any weight lately?"  he went on.
I looked over at my cousin.....she seemed quite amused.
"Maybe a few pounds..."  I quietly answered.
"I don't know about that! More than a few pounds I think.  You have definitely gained some weight!"  he corrected me.
"Really????"  I responded in disbelief.
"I lost a few pounds..." he proudly told my cousin.
"Okay Dad, that's great....enough..."  I tried to end the conversation....but I knew that it was probably futile.
"Yes, Judi, you look like you gained some weight.  You have to be careful.  You can't get fat like that again...."  he continued. 
"Okay, Dad.  I'm good.  Eat your cookies....I will get you more coffee...." again, trying to stop the conversation.
"I got coffee!  Did you eat any cookies?"  he said, pointing to his cookie plate.
"I will, later...."  I told him.
"Maybe you should stay away from the cookies.." he said, munching on a cookie. 
Then, he looked at my cousin and told her "You know, my mother was 300 pounds when she died.  She was always a big woman.  Judi looks just like her...."  
"Okay, Dad....we know...." once again, trying to diffuse this awful conversation....
"Yes, she has to be careful not to get fat again.  She has that tendency.  Runs in the family, you know..."  he said, taking another cookie.
I was just about to take his cookie away from him just to teach him a lesson.  But, I figured...the man is 94, let it be. 
"You better not eat much more, Judi.  Maybe you should just go on a diet...."  he said between bites of cookie. 
With that, I went back to the kitchen to eat the rest of my delicious chicken cheese thing....


Debbie said...

We are never a grown up to them, no matter how old we are or how old they are... What he meant to say was how very proud of you he is, and how proud his 300 pound mother would have been... it goes without saying that your beloved Mom is up there in heaven telling everyone she runs into "Look at my Judi, doesn't she look terrific"

FitBy40 said...

Aaaaaargh! My heart aches for you. I'm pretty sure you handled it WAY better than I would have. I'm proud of you.
You look fabulous by the way!