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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Chicken, Chicken, Chicken...everywhere a CHICKEN!

Don't even ask me how this happened but a total of 4 Rotissiere Chickens appeared at my house this weekend......not including the one I bought before the weekend!
Was there a blue light special on Rotissiere Chickens somewhere?

I should begin this all by saying that I seldom buy Rotissiere Chickens.  But, last week on an after-work day trip to Sam's that was wedged in between trips to the wine and spirits store, the beer store, the card store and the mall, I was weakened by the sight of them---at less than $5 and with dinner- making looming over my head and a night of more to do than humanly possible (and it was hot and humid!), buying one made a whole lot of sense to me.  So, I scooped it up and called it dinner....
 As it turned out, my moment of weakness was a stroke of genius.  Both my spoiled rotten, food-snob husband and my careful eater daughter were very satisfied with my version of that night's dinner---a purchased Rotissiere Chicken still in it's container, a container of store-bought hummus, a few pita breads cut up into wedges, some cut up cucumbers, a container of Greek yogurt, a pitcher of iced tea made from powder and 3 paper plates and 3 plastic forks and three red solo cups thrown on the kitchen island. 
With the little bit of chicken that was left over after that oh-so casual affair, I chopped it up, mixed it with some celery, mayo, almonds and seasonings and had a nice serving of chicken salad for the next day's lunch at my desk (which I promptly forgot that morning......).
Then, on Thursday night--after a full day of work with company and weekend guests coming any moment,  I found myself missing a few things that I needed.  So, I texted my hubby (who is usually spared these problems....)to tell him to standby because I would be texting him a list of things he would have to pick up on his way home because I could not leave the house again.    And, to put him on notice that I expected that he would be leaving the office momentarily.....since he has a bad habit of never leaving the office. 
I suppose he got it that I was pretty overwhelmed and up-to-my eyeballs in prep and he figured that I was getting a little cranky and that I might be too busy to drop everything and cook something so he might not be eating until later when the guests arrived (he does not cook....).  And, I'm pretty sure he got it from the uncharacteristically  authoritative tone of my texts that he was going to follow directions or else.  So, he decided to buy me a present while he was a grocery store getting the things on my list.   Yep, you guessed it....he bought me a ROTISSIERE CHICKEN.  "I knew we might be hungry and that you are too busy to make anything and I know you really liked it..." were his words when I looked at him with my whatthehellisthis? look.   Next time.....bring wine or gin, buddy. 
As it turns out, 3 other people who visited over the weekend decided that a Rotissiere Chicken would be the perfect gift for me too.....
I just don't get it.
Anyone have any great recipes for using up ROTISSIERE CHICKEN?

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Jody V said...

Oh Judi! I'm sitting on the couch laughing so hard! Good luck with your chickens!