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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My father was right.......

I have gained some weight.  
But, my sister says that I look better with "a little meat on".
She said there was a time when I was looking too thin.  
My daughter says she doesn't remember the time when I was too thin.
My other sister said to let her know if she ever gets to thin so she can celebrate.
My husband said to quit worrying about it.
And, my son thinks I would benefit from some type of cross training to tone things up.  
My niece thinks maybe I should join a running group and start running.
My aunt said I should eat what I want now because when I lose my teeth, 
I won't be able to eat what I want.  
My uncle said my face needs some weight on it so I don't wrinkle up. 
My cousin thinks I shouldn't wear stripes around my father, it may be distorting his vision.  

Yes, my weight is a FAMILY AFFAIR.......
Everyone has a family.........!

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