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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Going to a picnic?
Throwing a backyard bash?
Want to impress your neighbors?
Need something to serve hungry and/or thirsty guests?
Looking for something delicious to indulge in all by yourself?
Then, may I suggest you get very cozy with BASIL....

My small kitchen basil plant (picture is from 2 years ago) sits outside my kitchen door but never gets a chance to grow very tall since it's my 'go-to' plant for all of my basil concoctions!  I'm constantly snipping leaves! 

You know.....I am the Queen of Basil.
Yes, I grow basil.
Beautiful, luscious basil.
Every variety of basil.
I am all about BASIL....

So, you came to the right place if you are seeking all things BASIL.....
(you are seeking all things BASIL...aren't you?)

Why am I going on an on about basil?  Shouldn't I be talking about flag waving and fitting into my favorite white jean capris?
Well, I will get to all another post....maybe. 

 For the moment....we're gonna talk BASIL until you probably want to hit me with a pot...!
Don't hit me!  Hit the Peeping Tom! 

The thing is....July is definitely a perfect basil month.
And, my basil crops are growing loud and proud. 
Plus, my mind is just swimming with basil thoughts.......!
How can I stay calm about BASIL??? 

Although I have several different varieties--I gotta tell you--my favorite basil is the regular basil (sometimes referred to as Sweet Genovese). 
So, I dedicate over 75% of my basil planting space to regular basil.
In addition to some very large planters that reside on the lower portion of my back patio that I tend to cut back about once every 1-2 weeks and use my cuttings to either dry or freeze for future use or to make a large batch of pesto or other basil laden sauce to freeze or share with friends, I also have a few small pots of this type of basil on the small cooking deck off of my kitchen---I call these my quick-snipping supply.  I run out there daily to get my basil fix on---I am pretty sure I add it to everything in the summer months...even water!!!   I just love the fragrant smell that greets me when I walk out of the door to snip my daily basil---there's nothing like the smell of fresh basil.  Plus-- I just adore looking out of my kitchen window and gazing upon their beautiful lushness. 
Yes, I am completely smitten with basil. get it.....I love Basil......

As your reward for putting up with my  grotesque gushing and oozing basil love.....I am going to share with you a few of my favorite newish basil recipes that you must try. They have been taste tested and given the Judi seal of approval and applauded by the family and friends who I force to eat a steady diet of basil each July and August....
 No, I am not not going to give you the run-of-the-mill pesto recipe (although I could do an entire blog post dripping with pesto love!).  I am going to point you towards a few recipes you may have never tried but should!  Trust me...with as much basil as I grow, I am always looking for new recipes using my crop.  Did I mention that I love BASIL?

And, now without further adieu......
(btw....when I made this, I omitted the sparkling water and added Tangueray Ten gin....of course!)

(I add nothing to the dip is perfect as is.  But, I never made the pita chips.I use store bought chips or cut up veggies for dipping.)

(I substitute feta cheese for the blue cheese because I don't like blue cheese.  This has been a standard summer dish since I discovered it I can tell you that its very well loved!!)

(I added  a few shavings of ricotta salada on top when I served it.  This pretty salad is seriously addictive. The flavors go together so perfectly...who knew??  I got a standing ovation for this one...well, almost!)

(We scarf down this Salmon recipe all year long using my stockpile of basil that I keep in the freezer but it's best with fresh-from-the-garden basil! This is definitely one of my favorite go-to salmon recipes.  I have also used the pistachio basil butter on scallops, sea bass and sole . Seriously wonderfully yummy)

(btw...I add a dollop of marscapone to this....oh yum....when I tell you that this is one of the most effortlessly elegant desserts on the planet, you need to believe me!)

(My neighbor told me that this is the reason why they love to be invited to a meal on our deck in the summer!  Yes, it is wonderful!   I use Pellegrino water (instead of  Perrier) because we are Italian that's what we have in the house at all times)



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Catherine55 said...
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FitBy40 said...

My basil plants are pitiful this year. I started from seed and they just haven't taken off like they normally do. They can barely be called a plant. It's more like a sprig!
I love basil. You should go to Italy, they use basil in EVERYTHING!

Jody V said...

Love your posts as always! Really needed it!