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Friday, May 23, 2014

GLORY DAYS......again!

Yes, my man BRUCE is  back in Pittsburgh  and tonight I'm going to be there.....

There really is a component of Bruce that is supernatural. 
Bruce is Moses! 
He led the people out of the land of disco!” 
(Jake Clemons, The New Yorker, August 2012)

It's the little things in life that make me happy.  
Those little things that wipe away the tears and the trials and tribulations of life.
The lyrics and the music that bring me back.....
The first notes of a song that carry me to another time...that bring me to my feet....
The feelings that come from a beat, a word, a roar, a strum, a melody, a tune.
Sharing the experience...remembering all the times...all the memories that flood my mind.  
 Holding an album in my hand.
Touching the tickets that sit on the shelf.....awaiting the big night.
Sitting in the still darkness, listening only to the music and the stories...
Dancing in the aisles carefree.... swept up in the thrill and excitement of the sounds.
Feeding my soul.
Filling my heart.
Reminding me that the only thing that matters is that moment in time.  
It's Bruce.
It's Rock and Roll.



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Tracey Delaplain said...

How was the concert? Your post brought back fond memories of "dancing in the dark". Glory days indeed. I fully admit that my musical taste is stuck firmly in the 80's.
Be well