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Friday, May 30, 2014

Dear May,

You were a good month. 
But, now it's time to get on with June.  
Before I do that, I am going to 
make you an even better month
 by taking a little secret escape......  
Love, Judi

Did I ever mention that my husband works a lot?
Yes, even weekends.
I'm so used to it at this stage of the game that I am confused when he is home.   
Who are you and what do you want?
As I am sure I have told you before--when he has a little stretch of time off (as in--2 days!!), he wants to  ramp things up a bit and have some fun.   Especially after he's coming off of a long and super intense project. Unfortunately, there's never lots of notice of when the project will really end so it's not like we can make plans or anything.  Such is the case at the moment.  This past Tuesday, he  wrapped up a huge project and has a bit of a lull in the action so he's ready for some fun.  As in---"clear your schedule, make some reservations and let's blow this place...."
Yes, that was the plea he made late Tuesday night that sent me into full planning mode.
As it turns out--when I dug a little deeper--it became clear that our fun had to fit into a neat little package----from Friday night at 9 pm until Sunday evening at 6 pm.  
So, I had to put my creative hat on and come up with something.
And, I did.
As you knew I would.
But, it's a secret.  



See you in June!!!

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