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Sunday, May 25, 2014


Dealing with picnic and summer party season? too!   

Last week as I sat down with the calendar to mark all of the events that are happening these next few months....instead of thinking about the events themselves---I had visions of creamy potato salad and yummy ice cream and gooey dips bouncing about my head.  Part of me felt that familiar spark of excitement while the other part of me felt the pang of defeat.   
Defeated before I even started?
YES!!!  How will I handle the picnics and all of the other summer outings without succumbing to the pleasures of  eating and eating and eating those wonderful summer foods?


It's all about what's in my head. 
While I think it's perfectly okay to get excited about and look forward to the food at a particular event, it's probably best to put the food in it's place.   As in--eat a bit of it, enjoy it...even savor it....then move on to what's really important--being with  friends and family or soaking in the ambiance or just taking the time to relax--or all of the above. 
What I don't think is helpful is feeling defeated before it all starts!
Although I know there are times when it's inevitable--it's important to put those feelings in their rightful place.   Why am I allowing myself to be defeated by food?
Food is our friend.
Food in not our enemy.
Repeat after me, Judi.....
The problem is all inside my head.....

If you think about it, I write this same exact post every few months.....if it's not about dealing with turkey and pumpkin pie then it's about Christmas cookies and Christmas parties.  If it's not about those things then it's about the cold winter months laying on the couch eating mindlessly.  And, if it's not about that, it's about chocolate covered eggs and Italian cheesecakes.....
Yes, it's always something with me. 
I'm always looking at what's looming and I turn it into a food fight. 
A food fight inside my head.  

Remember this lady who said STOP THE INSANITY?
Now, I think I get it.

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Jody V said...

Great post as usual. Whether banded or sleeved the battle continues.