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Saturday, June 8, 2013

My newest OBSESSION........

Yes, it's another REALITY TV SHOW!  

Most of you already  know that  I've got a sweet tooth for fashion and jewelry and shoes and make up and baubles and bling.
And shopping.  
(And martinis and wine......when they are combined with shopping....even better!)
And, by now,  I am sure you guessed  that I am not a multi millionaire.  
(Even though I play one in my reality....)
And, I'm sure you figured out that I am a girl who doesn't like to go without.
Add that all to my love of Reality TV and whoa baby.......this show was made for me!  
Honestly, I am in love with it.
In fact, I am considering hopping a bus or a train or a plane just to go there for a little shopping adventure....
Their mission is to make quality, high-end, designer fashions and shoes and purses and jewelry available to the average me. 
That mission not only speaks to SINGS to me. LOUDLY.
My devotion to consignment and resale shopping (NOT THRIFT!) started way back during one of my more expensive dieting adventures at a little pill mill (loved that Phentermine!) weight loss clinic  where I had to visit for daily B-12 shots (loved them!).  The clinic  sat in a strip mall in a very upscale part of town.
Two doors down from the clinic sat the cutest little boutique with beautifully decorated windows.   Little did I know it was an upscale consignment store until I wandered in one day. 
And, waa-laa.....a devotee was born.
There I was....losing oodles of weight, needing new clothes and needing to sell my bigger sizes!
A triple play indeed.
A match made in heaven!
Since then,  that little boutique has closed but I've managed to find many, many more in it's place to feed my addiction.
I've been to parties and events at these places.  I've been on bus tours focused on upscale resale and consignment stores and I always look for new places when I am traveling.
And, if I may brag a bit... I am on all the VIP guest lists of all the best places....
Just last a week, in fact, I went to a Girls Night Out at a new upscale resale shop in the area.
Although I didn't find a whole lot to add to my collection, it was fun to experience a new place and see what it was all about.  Plus, they had yummy cocktails and local celebrity stylists on kinda night indeed!
*As an darling fashionista daughter is also hooked on resale and consignment.  In fact, she even works at a local upscale resale boutique.  How fun is that??*
Although I don't typically go out looking for Manola Blanicks or buy Louie Vuitton, I love, love looking at the expensive things....even if I don't find them even remotely my style.  It's just something that is fun to do.
I follow several amazing fashion bloggers that have been a huge influence on me and my consignment and resale shopping and styling.  There are a lot of them out there!  It's fun to follow them and get ideas from them and learn from them.  Interestingly, all of them shop resale and consignment for the same reasons I do.....because we adore fashion and shopping and we aren't millionaires!
And, it's damn fun. 
My rule of consignment and resale shopping is simple--if I wouldn't buy it retail (for the style) then I wouldn't buy it just because it's inexpensive.  I look at the same labels in resale and consignment stores that I typically gravitate towards out in the retail stores and boutiques that I frequent.  Sometimes I am able to meander out of my typical styles because I fall in love with something that I think will add a bit of excitement to my wardrobe---especially if I am buying a cocktail dress or a very dressy outfit or shoes for a special event.  Although I am not really into "vintage" clothing, some of my choices may have a vintagey edge to them. 
Like I's damn fun.
And, what's even more fun?
Getting extra money to buy new looks when I sell the clothes I don't wear any more!


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