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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What's STRESS got to do with it?

The information junkie inside of me just can't leave well enough alone.
As you know, I've been messing with a very tight band.....leaving me unable to eat all that much. 
Even my go-to foods are giving me a hard time.
It's been say the least.
I just don't like unsolved puzzles.
My instincts kick in and I am all about trying to figure out what the hell is going on.....
I have made it my mission to figure out what the hell is going on with my 5.5 year old band.
Although I've been pretty much convinced that stress has been causing my band issues, I decided to seek out other possible issues.  
For an information hound like me, Google is my doctor, my psychiatrist, my restaurant critic, my fashion adviser, my teacher, my astrologist.....well, you get the picture. 
It's all at my finger tips....whether I'm sitting in traffic, hanging out on my couch or lounging with a chai at Starbucks. 

What did we ever do before Google?
Trolling the internet......STRESSSSSS! ONE IN TEN????

Funny thing is......all of my research has caused me even more stress.
It's that old adage of too much information can be dangerous.
Eh....and stressssssful!
Thus, I have perpetuated the problem.
Thankfully, tonight is half price wine night at one of my favorite haunts and I'll be sharing a bottle with my oldest friend......
If Google can't solve all of my problems, I'm pretty sure a good friend and a bottle of wine will do the trick.....


Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

My band is so fickle and in the 3 years since I've been banded I have learned the 3 biggest issues for my band are 1)stress 2)hormonal changes 3)self sabotage.
When I get in the position of being too tight, I nearly always try to eat when I know I can't, but if I stick to liquids and soft foods for 3 or 4 days, it always resolves itself without getting worse and without needing an unfil. These things I know...but don't always do!

Sarah said...

When I get stuck like that, I have to do 2 days liquids and then 2 days mushies to reset and get the swelling down. Any more eating just irritates it and makes it worse even if I don't get stuck. I even take liquid ibuprofen to help because the tablets are too much.