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Friday, April 5, 2013

Eggs are a good choice for dinner.....right?

How about 1 course of a coconut egg and the 2nd course of a peanut butter egg?

Okay, so.......
From what I can tell from talking to folks and reading blogs, Easter leftovers have been the foundation for many meals this week.
But, because I was very conscientious of not having too many leftovers at our house after our annual Easter Eve wine tasting and foodapalooza, I dutifully packed up most of the leftovers and sent them home with our guests.  So they can have Easter Leftover dinners all week.   I'm nice like that.
Unfortunately, when I offered my guests the contents of our Easter Baskets.....I had no takers.
My Easter leftovers.......

So, I was left with a table full of Easter treats.....almost completely untouched.
Hence, they became my Easter leftovers..... 
Now, anyone worth their chocolate in the Pittsburgh area knows that if you have Sarris chocolate, you've got some damn good Easter candy.
Especially if you have Peanut Butter Meltaway and Coconut Eggs.
Orgasmic Decadence and delight......all in one large foil packet.  
Yes, they are that good.   
So, last night, who could blame me for not wanting to cook dinner and do any more dishes after  coming off an Easter weekend of doing lots of cooking and lots of dishes and after having a few rough days at the office and in life?
So,  yeah....
Bring on the EGGS.....

Alright, so it wasn't the best choice.
However, to make me feel a bit better about my foray into the my Easter leftovers, I decided to figure out just how many calories I had consumed by eating a dinner of 1 peanut butter egg and 1 coconut egg.
Less than 500 calories (we will not discuss the fat and sugar content, thank you very much) .
Not so bad.
Not so bad at all.
And, you know what else?
I needed those EGGS......
Just as much as I needed to turn off my cell phone and get that pedicure last night.

Gee, I wonder what I'll eat tonight.......

Happy Friday

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