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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mr. Winter: YOU are SO excused!

We live and breathe by this logo!

Come March, we are supposed to be easing out of winter and gently gliding into Spring.
As a lifelong Pittsburgher, I have no  clue why I still think that to be true.  
I am an optimist,I suppose.  
Or,maybe I just don't learn from experience.....
(most likely it's a combination of the two) 
Case in point..... 
One of the largest snow storms of my lifetime occurred on St. Patrick's Parade Day, 1993.  
20 years ago and it's still be talked about........
Fast forward to parade day 2012.......and we had record breaking 80 degree temps.
You just never know what March in Pittsburgh will be like.  
I know that.
You know I know that.
Ah, the fickleness of March!   

At the moment, as the snow flurries fly and I prepare to make my way through whatever Mother Nature has in store for me this morning, I just want winter to go away..... 

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