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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fessing up: I've been lied to and I am suffering......

The way I've been feeling everyday!!!! 

Last week when the calendar told me it was supposed to be Spring, I believed it.
I'm a fool.  I'm trusting like that.   

The snow and the cold weather just kept on coming.
No matter what the calendar said.
Sure, I managed to deal with it for a few days. 
I figured if I hung on to the hope that it all soon be over, I could make it through.  
But, now, I feel completely betrayed.
I am out of sorts and just downright sick and tired of waking up every single day to snow and cold weather.......
My blog is now suffering from my state of mind.
Yes, I've been in complete hibernation.  I've pulled the covers over my head in the morning and just vegged-out on the couch each night.   I've been hosting massive having pity parties for myself. 
To make matters worse--I feel guilty for my behavior.   
It's so not me!

I'm not promising my hibernating and pity partying is over quite yet but at least I found the drive to sit down at my computer this morning to share my angst and misery and to tell you that I am sorry for being gone from Stories from the Road.....
I know I should just feel lucky to alive and in good health but for some reason, that's just not cutting it right now.  Typically, I am optimistic and work very hard to pay no mind to the things that are out of my control so that I can keep my sunny, bright disposition going no matter what. 
But, this is just too much. 
I don't want to clean my car off again.
I don't want to shovel snow.
I don't want to wear my boots and my winter coat.
I don't want to worry about road conditions and my hair getting wet.
Honestly, I just want was promised me......a little sunshine and non-freezing temps.
That's not too much for a girl to ask for, is it?

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~Miss Lorie~ said...

Spring! It always holds such promise. Around here it always goes from freezing butt cold, to hotter than hell. There is usually about one week of Spring! I hope she shows up for you soon!