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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blessed be thy Sunday.....

Easy like Sunday Morning.....

These are the moments that are easy to love. 

The smell of Carmen's coffee brewing.
The whistling of my tea pot. 
A fire in the fireplace.
The Sunday paper on the sidewalk.
There's music.
Always music.  

Carmen always decides what type of music we will listen to.....since he's usually up and working at his desk at some ungodly hour.    His choice of Sunday morning music is always different from the type of music we  choose to listen to in real life.  
In real life, we love Rock n Roll. All. The. Time. 
On Sunday mornings---we shuffle around in our slippers and robes, I make my pot of tea and Carmen works on whatever he is working on--to jazz or soft rock or classical.
Today it's smooth jazz.    
Perhaps on Sunday mornings, we feel middle-aged more  grown up......with the coffee brewing and the  quiet comfort of knowing that the Sunday paper has arrived.
Although we always need Rock and Roll in our life.....smooth jazz is good too.  

On this Sunday, I feel especially blessed.
Our beloved sorority girl came home for a quick visit and is sleeping under her pink ruffled canopy at the top of the stairs...... 

Back to jazz and tea and my Sunday paper....


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, if you like jazz, try Michael Franks, he is my friends husband, a wonderful man. Famous but doesnt act like it. They have been all over the world but are very down to earth people. He has many cd's, try it.

and enjoy that tea, that is what I am having at this very moment!!

Jill from NY

FitBy40 said...

Your Sundays sound fantastic to me!
Happy day to you.