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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The view from here......

Every so often, I find myself overwhelmed by how integral my Lapband is to what my world looks like today.
As much as I believe that the core Judi is still the core Judi, what I do with who I am and how I live out my life with the core Judi is what gives my world a different look.
I happily and proudly admit that it looks very different today from what it looked like just 4 short years ago.
And, I have my Lapband to thank for that.
I could count the ways and list them out for you right here but my list is just so long that I'm quite sure I'd forget a few important ones or I'd run out of time....I do have to get to work today.
If you read my blog....I'm sure you've figured it out.
I've swan dived into almost every aspect of my life with more joy, more ghusto, better fashion and a much better attitude.
All because I lost 115 pounds?
Well, sort of.
But, that doesn't tell the complete story.
The complete story is much more complex and deeper than that.
Like anyone else, I have my issues.
Some of them I will never solve, some of them I am trying to solve and others aren't even worth working on at this point.
But the problem that I did solve was one that hovered over every aspect of my life--the issue of my weight.
The success of how that all turned out gave me a sense of accomplishment and a faith and a trust in myself that I have never known. It spurred me on to conquer other challenges, to strive to realize some of my dreams--even if they were as shallow as wearing a belt or a bathing suit or as seemingly minor as attending my husband's business functions without hesitation or the big ones....the zadzillion big ones....
Just typing this wells my eyes up with tears.....
Yes, I just love my Lapband....

Over the past 30+ hours as my stomach has been doing some major flip flops, my fear that there might be an issue with my Lapband has had me reflecting on my Lapband love even more.
Why is it that the fear of losing something you love makes you realize that you don't want to live without it?

Let's hope I just ate something that just doesn't agree with me.
I'll even take a touch of the flu.
Just don't let it be my Lapband....

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