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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The mailman delivers more than the mail.......

sometimes he just makes your day when your day needs made!
Yesterday was one of those mornings when the weather was lousy, my hair wasn't working and I wasn't quite sure what to wear. Did I want to go with a red sweater or a black one? My indecisiveness was messing with my lipstick choices and I could not seem to untangle one of my go-to necklaces from a pile of jewelry that was haphazardly laying on my dresser.
It was just one of those mornings....
On top of that, I had something not-so-fun to deal with that I had to deal with. Never a fun way to anticipate the day ahead! So, you get the picture....
But, I forged ahead. I focused on fashion and make up instead of misery and agony. That's always a good choice, I figured. I decided on the red sweater--which meant that I would go with red lipstick (one of my go-to favs when I need a go-to color--Autumn by Estee Lauder). I messed around with my hair, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. With a little wrangling, I managed to get my necklace from the pile to my neck, took one last look in the mirror and decided it was the best I could do.
Lucky for me, I unearthed my trusty leopard umbrella from the bowels of my messy coat closet, I found my heavier rain coat and even remembered to pack a lunch.
Things were kinda looking up.....
Not so fast.
I still had to deal with that one thing I was not looking forward to.
I took a deep breath, said a little prayer and off I went into the rainy, ugly morning.
Before I could deal with that not-so-fun thing, I had to stop for gas.
Pumping gas on a rainy morning is not a favorite of mine.
I pulled in next to a mail truck, got out my credit card and proceeded to wrestle with the payment swiper--with it's endless stream of yes & no questions. I huffed and puffed and whined just a little.
The mailman next to me gave me a quick nod, signaling that he understood my angst then he went off into the convenience store.
As I was finishing up, the mail man walked by me, we exchanged a pleasant nod and then we both went towards our cars.
Then, I heard the mailman say "excuse me..."
I figured I must have dropped something or that my gas tank door was open.
"You are gorgeous" he said with a nice smile.
I stood there stunned.
"Wow. Thank you......I needed that this morning," I said with complete and utter thanksgiving.
"Well, you deserve it. You are just gorgeous." he said politely, without an ounce of anything but kindness.
With that, he hopped in his mail truck and I got in my car, feeling like the world is a gorgeous place.
Its' amazing how a stranger at a gas station can change your entire attitude.
I'm still feeling rather gorgeous.....
That mailman deserves a raise!


Kathy said...

Wow!! I'll bet that turned your whole day around. Hope things are going well for you. Haven't been on here much lately and I am just trying to catch up.

Band Groupie said...

WOW! Awesome way to turn a morning around!

Lee Ann said...

Wow, that mailman needs to come deliver me a special message!! :) How fun. Love ya Judi.

A Cottage Industry said...

Ain't THAT the truth!!! We ALL need to remember to make others feel fabulous!