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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On a lighter note.....

not a sunnier note but definitely a lighter note......
It's still dark, dark, dark as midnight outside my window and still dark dark in my heart.
But, I'm not going to just sit here and take it.
I cannot make the sun rise at this ungodly hour but at least I can begin to remedy my heart darkness with not talking about and not thinking about the Cousin Drama of 2011 morning, noon and night.
I'm self medicating with thoughts of some plans for this coming weekend.....
What could be better than a mandated shopping trip?

Yes, mandated. As in, I signed up and paid for a ticket.
So, I gotta go.
I'm doing the Shop Till You Drop Bus Tour on Saturday with a few lovely friends and a slew of fun women.
And, there will be wine.

I'm pretty sure thinking about it all will be just what I will need to light up those parts of my heart where the darkness still lingers.
By the time I board that bus, I need to be free of it all so that I can do what I will be mandated to do--shop till I drop.
A girl needs a lighter step to do that....

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