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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gathering around the table.....

There's nothing quite like a Sunday dinner on an autumn day when my nest is full.
Yes, today, we will be a family of four.
Sunday supper with the four of us.
This is heaven to me.
So, I'll be dragging out the Thanksgiving china and crystal and setting a festive table.
The kitchen will be bustling with the sounds of cooking and laughter and bickering and clanging pots.
Maybe we'll even listen to the radio station that's playing Christmas Carols 24/7.
An aroma of anticipation will fill the air.
As far as I am concerned, nothing tastes as good as a family dinner and all the activity that goes with it (except for the doing the dishes).
Vince arrived on the scene with a cache of recipes he unearthed that he wants us to try.
So, he'll consider himself in charge of the goings on. Upon his orders, I bought a mandolin for a recipe he will be putting together. He said he'd take care of manning the mandolin (go right ahead....) . He will also be taking charge of the grill(more power to you....) for the delectable steaks that are the currently sitting in a yummy marinade.
Toni will happily stand by and watch the commotion. Her brother will chide her for not helping and they will banter incessantly in their famous brother-sister way.
I'll sip my Beaujolais Nouveau.....the new stock just came out on the's lovely, btw.
Every once in awhile, Carmen will break away from football to give us his advice.
I'll busy myself with preparing a new-to-me salad, figuring out what to do with a pile of zucchini and a few logs of goat cheese while cleaning up after my son the guy who will be fancying himself as the head chef in his mother's kitchen.
And, did I mention there will be Southern Pecan Pie with chai infused whipped cream for dessert?
It will be a day to cherish.....
Time to get into the kitchen!

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