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Monday, October 3, 2011

Talk about Lap Band issues!

I sure as hell had them on Friday!
On the very day that I promised to talk about Lap Band issues, I found myself dealing with them.
Actually, my issues were not caused by my Lap Band but having a Lap Band made them just an eensy bit worse than they already were!
I was dealing with a nasty dose of the stomach flu.
I am sure I don't need to share all the details with know exactly what I'm talking about.
So, in addition to the not-so-fun activities of having the stomach flu, I also had myself stressed about what all the stomach girations would do to my band.
It's a known fact that all the stomach shenanigans that are involved in the unpleasantries of the stomach flu can cause quite a bit of irritation to Lap Bands.
Put this way---non stop, uncontrollable vomiting is not good for Lap Bands.
Thankfully, other than the sheer awfulness of it all, my band and I managed to emerge unscathed.
But, boy-oh-boy, was it lousy. Headache. Chills. And all that over stuff.
It robbed me of an entire 24 hours.
Thank God it left as quickly as it came.
So forgive me today if I don't want to blog about Lap Band issues.
I'll leave that until some of my stomach flu memories fade just a wee bit more.
In any Saturday mid-day, I was as good as much so that after I dropped my nephew off at the movies, I ducked out for a little shopping.
I needed a little fix and since I had to work yesterday, I knew that I would not get any weekend shopping in. And, you know, I am getting myself ready for a little jaunt to NYC later this month (more on that later).... a girl needs a few new things.....

The shopping gods must have taken pity on me--knowing that I was truly on a very limited time table for shopping (as in--I was sneaking out on my dad duties!) and knowing about the terrible stomach flu experience I had just survived.
I took a little detour on the way back from the movie drop-off and I found my way to one of my all time favorite places--The Savvy Fox.
I've long been a customer there and Toni worked there this past summer.
It is truly a wonderful, fun experience to shop there.
It's very boutiquey with an upscale feel to it.
It's amazing what you can find--the women who run the place have impeccable taste and really do their homework on brands and fashion. (Toni got a first-hand look at the behind-the-scenes workings of upscale consignmenting. If I was impressed before, I was even more impressed after Toni shared what she learned...)
Two of the things that I bought were actually things that I had wanted to buy but both were sold out when I finally got around to buying them.....
I even blogged about these boots on October 2, 2008!
So, imagine my excitement when there they were.....sitting on the rack.....a BRAND SPANKING NEW PAIR.....for $12.99 (they were half off their regularly Savvy Fox marked price.....yippeee!) I scooped them up immediately and ran like a bandit to the counter and told the women to hold them while I shopped....I couldn't risk anyone else even touching them....
No sooner did I score with the boots.....I saw this little number peeking out from the rack....
So, yep, I scooped that up too. It was mine! For $16.99 (yes, 50% off of their marked price)! A brand new---with the tags--Leopard trench coat. Regular retail price on the tag......drum roll please.....$79.99.
Woo-hoo doesn't seem fitting enough for that score! You see, I owned this coat (or something very similar) back in the early 80's when the first wave of animal print craze happened. I loved that coat beyond reason. But, as the pounds packed know the rest of the story. So, broken hearted me donated it to one of my thinner friends who wore it for years with great pleasure. And, she looked so wonderful in it. I ached for that coat. Literally ached. Now, I own it.
Life is sweet....
But, the real reason for my joy joy joy came in the form of this amazing necklace....the black and gold one.
I almost fell over when I saw this necklace sitting in the jewelry case. First of all....Marianna jewelry is one of my favorites. Most of the time, I prefer to buy funky junky cheapo jewelry. But, I can't help myself when it comes to this jewelry. I pay the price! It's not pricey as in thousands and thousands of dollars pricey but the necklaces do go for about $150. A few months back I saw this necklace at the little shop around the corner from me that sells this brand. It was advertised as a "Steeler Necklace" because it's black and gold. Us Pittsburghers are suckers for wearing our team colors. Although I didn't want it for that reason, I thought it would go great with a lot of my leopard print clothes. But, not wanting to spend the extra money, I pulled myself away from it. Then, a few weeks ago, I found myself face-to-face with a great pair of shiney black, pointy toe pumps with some leopard trimming. I knew they would be the perfect shoe for my very fancy black dress that I bought for the fancy-schmacy wedding we'll be attending at this month in NYC. It was right then that I decided that I had to have that Marianna necklace. So, I high tailed it back to the little shop---only to find that they were sold out. "You know Pittsburghers and their black and gold..." the owner told me.
Well, woopdy-do, one of those Pittsburghers must have wanted to part with it because there it sat.....with a very reduced tag on it......$59.99. That baby was mine-o-mine!!!

And, just when you think my little shopping experience could not get any better......a pair of adorable black pointy toe pumps with a bit of white stitching just appeared in front of me. Shoes I definitely needed to coordinate with all of my black and white office wear. Brand new....never worn.....$10.99 (yes, also 50% off their regular Savvy Fox price). So, yep....they were in my shoe lovin' hands quicker than you could say Zapatos!

45 minutes.


Lee Ann said...

Well I'm glad you're feeling better Judi. What incredible deals! I'm gonna have to check out this store and go treasure hunting myself sometime. Love all your finds!

Jody V said...

You ARE the shopping Queen! What amazing prices you got!!