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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Honor the PINK.......

There's not one among us who has not be touched by breast cancer.
Whether we lost a loved one to the disease or we know someone who suffers with it or we know someone who has fought the fight and won or we know someone who lives in fear of it each day.....breast cancer is part of all of our lives.
Life is fragile thing.
Each day, we are reminded of that.
Although we can't fight off every awful disease on the planet, we can take responsibility for our own lives and our own health while also encouraging others to do the same.
Breast cancer awareness is all a part of that.
It's the awareness and the strength and the support.
Together we are strong---by sharing our collective knowledge, resources, care, time and energy, we can wage a war on a disease that breaks hearts, breaks families and breaks lives.
Even if we can't give money or time each time we are asked, we can support the fight against breast cancer and all cancers by purchasing products that financially contribute to the search for the cure or participate in fund raising drives that aim to raise the money and awareness that can do that.
Even if our lives are too busy or we are living with financial demands that prohibit us from giving support of any kind, we can still contribute.
Caring for our neighbors and lending a hand or a prayer to those who suffer from breast cancer or any cancer can go a long way in supporting those who live every day with the disease. Your support, your kind word or gentle touch may be that extra dose of strength that they need to carry on.
Cancers are diseases that are fought one step at a time......together.

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