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Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm not admitting to a thing......

but my pants are doing lots of talking!

There's been a little bit of mindless munching going on in Judiland.
Mindless band-friendly munching.
That little bit of munching is creating a little havoc with my pants.
Add that mindless munching to the new mid-life muffin top that appeared
recently and we've got some wardrobe issues going on here.

There's a little snuggness here, a little ripple there, a bit of pop there and a whole lot of sucking it in all in!

It's messin' with my fashionality.
You see, I just got pretty friendly with tucking shirts in and wearing fun belts.
Not that I do it everyday.
But, damn it, I want to do it when I want to do it.
So, I've gotta stop all the madness before things get out of hand.
First order of business---the chocolate chip cookies must be crushed.
Second order of business--the cocoa almonds must be pulverized.
Third order of business--I have to flood my system with water. Everyday!
Fourth order of business--I have to resist the urge to go on a diet.
Fifth order of business--I have to buy a high wasted pair of Spanks.
Sixth order of business--I have to use my best combat weapon against the tummy LAP BAND!

I'm no gonna take this sitting down can bet your ass on that!

1 comment:

Darlin1 said...

I'm jumping on this bandwagon with you....after all the holidays are coming!