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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Every SUPER Fashionista needs a CAPE!

(no, this is not me wearing's the exact one that I snatched up for less than $50!)

*It's easy to wear
*It covers up those body parts that you want to cover up
*It's flowy and big....and it's supposed to be!
*It looks so chic
*It's fun
*It's just downright adorable.

I've had a thing for capes since I was a little girl. I came by it honestly---my mother loved capes too. There were several Easters in my lifetime when my mother would make me a cape.
She would make herself capes to wear to her formal events too.....they were always so beautiful...brocaded with fussy trims with stones or sequins.
Those memories are so precious...

So, when the new cape rage hit the Fall runways, I just knew I needed to have myself a cape or two!
And, I knew exactly what they had to look like.
One had to be black and have leather trim and buckles. Because that was what my favorite cape looked like when I was a young girl...
And, one has to be over-the top dressy. Because it has been a dream of mine from when I was very small to wear a fancy cape just like my mother.
Oh, and I didn't want to spend a ton of money on either of them!

A few weeks back, I managed to find the black one with buckles. It was being displayed with a floppy black fedora......which, of course, I had to have as well.
Just in time for fashioning my Fall look.
Now, I'm on the hunt for my dressy look-like-my-mom cape.
I know it's out there somewhere....

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