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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rosemary's Baby......

This past summer, I decided to expand my rosemary herb plantings.
Although I've always grown rosemary, it was never one of my larger herb crops.
It was just one of those herbs that I did on a very limited basis.
As you know--I've always been a basil girl.
I grow every type of basil on the planet.....lushly and beautifully.
Yes, I am the queen of basil.
But, have no herb garden is even more expansive than just basil...I'm also the princess of parsley, thyme and sage.
To arrive at that moniker, I've been upping all of those plantings over the past few years.
But, I never expanded my rosemary crop.
In any case.... now that I am 50+, I guess I just got a little sentimental and wanted to do the whole Simon and Garfunkel Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme thing.
So, I became a rosemary farmer.
To get that accomplished....way back in May, I decided it was time to triple my rosemary plantings.
Well, here I am in October and I am dealing with more rosemary that I know what the hell to do with.
And, not only that...I somehow managed to grow a huge rosemary plant inside my house as insurance that I'd have enough rosemary to last me through the winter.
I guess I must have decided that I loved rosemary last year.......

Here in Judiland it's rosemary all the time...24/7, no matter where you turn!
What's a girl to do with all this ROSEMARY?

Isn't it funny that what we wanted last year is what we are trying to decide how we will deal with this year?

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Jody V said...

LOL rosemary made it through 3 feet of snow and still came back this year! My chives have taken over the roost. They look like damn bushes!