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Sunday, October 3, 2010

What's cooking?

Yesterday, I had no idea what I'd be cooking today.
I needed something to throw in the crock pot during the Steeler Game while Toni and I go out to finish up some last minute back-to-college grocery shopping .
Thankfully, I found my way into one of my favorite places for easy, tasteful ideas--Williams Sonoma.
They were sampling their newest braising base--Belgian Beer and Onion.
They had it cooked up with chicken, potatoes and carrots.
One smell of the place and I knew it was the aroma I wanted to fill my house.
It was one of those "comfort" smells.
After taking a quick taste--I was convinced.....that's what would find it's way to my table today.
Honestly, friends, I do love putting together my own recipes.
But, sometimes I just have to rely on the convenience of convenience.
It's exactly what I needed for today!
There's a football game, Carmen is dealing with an insane work schedule that he has to fit in between the game and getting on the road, I'm in charge of my nephew while my sister goes to the Steeler game, I have my father to deal with, we've got company coming for dinner and there's lots of errands to run.
Plus, I must get my chai latte.
And, to make it all even more maniacal--it all has to happen within the space of a few hours because I also have to hop in the car for a road trip---to take Toni and her friends back to college and then get back home so I can get enough sleep to rest up for another week.
Yes, it's another overflowing day in Judiland.

So, excuse me while I take advantage of someone else's good cooking to make a special Sunday home cooked meal......
Oh, and by the way.....I would appreciate it if you keep my recipe our little secret.
No need to tell my company that I didn't slave away all day.....


Jacquie said...

Thank God for William-Sonoma!

Jody V said...

Your secret is safe with me. In fact...I plan to steal it! I'll tell everyone you gave me the recipe when I make it...LOL!!

Jen from Oregon said...

YUM! I have been having the urge to braise, stew and what not with the weather changing. This sounds good!

Amaris said...

Sounds delish! I may have to find my way to a Williams-Sonoma myself!

Libby - Denver, CO said...

That looks like it was delish! Now I have to go get some.