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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It was all about me.......

for a few fleeting moments!

Did you ever go someplace and find yourself surrounded by admiring eyes from everyone in the entire room?
Did you ever go someplace and have everyone fixated on you, smiling at you appreciatively and nudging their friends to look your way too?
Did you ever go someplace and notice that everyone was taking your picture?
Yeah, me neither.

But, for a few moments......I was that girl.

It was one of those days that was so worth putting on make up for.
There I was.....having a lovely lunch with my children at one of our favorite chain bistros, laughing and smiling, sipping my wine, dressed in my newest Chico's duds, a pair of sassy leopard print undies, my brand new Victoria's Secret Bombshell Bra......feeling on top of the world.
I was wearing my new Estee Lauder lavender slate eye liner and age defying make up and I was having a good hair day.
The world felt so right.
No gray roots, my pesky chin hairs had been newly wisked away from a little spa treatment, my eyebrows were perfectly arched.
I was wearing my newest lip gloss shade.....Hollywood Gold
My manicure was impeccable. I felt well rested. My children were flanking me.
And, I was wearing a youthful Paris Hilton.
Plus, I had the lovely flush that only a crisp, lovely glass of Valdisievo Savignon Blanc at lunch can give.

At some point, between my laughing and smiling and chatting and sipping--I noticed that a table filled with well-dressed, rather good looking guys were looking my way.
I just had to sit up a little straighter.
Then, a few minutes later, another table full of folks were glancing over at me.
Then, before I knew it, cell phones were discreetly snapping pictures.....of me.
A few seconds later---more attention came my way.
Then, a little more.
Hell, I never knew I looked so good....
I took in the admiration..... flashing a star quality smile, tossing back my head in that girl-about-town kinda way....
I held my wine glass more gingerly, as I coyly returned the glances....with just a hint of girlish sexitude....
As I soaked up the attention.....I adjusted my collar, rolled my shoulders--suggesting a perfect aura of mystery....
Under my breath....I was feverishly thanking God for my Lapband....doing the rosary, saying novenas.....I am a skinny goddess.....yes, I bet your ass....I am lookin' good.....oooh....see my size 6 jeans.....oooh....Lapband I love you! THANK YOU GOD!

But, it was not to be.
Somewhere between the shoulder rolling and son nudged me.
"Mom, that's Jordan Staal sitting behind you...."

As you can see from the picture shoulder and my arm looked absolutely fabulous that day.
For that, I am thankful....since that part of me will be the minor star in a few hundred pictures.....

Go Penguins!


Anonymous said...

omg thats hysterical!! you had me hooked....and who the hell is Jordan Staal?? I would have looking at you, babe!!

Jill from NY

Jody V said...

LOL Judi!!

You are too funny. I'm surprised that Jordan didn't notice Toni!


Jen said...

LOL! Oh, come had to have been you. I don't know who he is, but JUDI from Judiland...she's FAMOUS!

Bonnie said...

You really had me going. Very funny.