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Saturday, October 9, 2010

This is why I love him.

I am still quivering from him this morning.....

This is why I love music.
This is why I love lyrics.
This is why I believe life is just a song......
and that the poets and the songwriters and the players in the band are the heroes of every generation.

Bruce Springsteen - "The Promise: The Making of 'Darkness on the Edge of Town'" Sneak Peek

If you do nothing else this weekend--try to catch this documentary. PLEASE check your local listings. I promise will take you to places you need to go.

Last night, I had one of those unexpected, amazing experiences that reminded me why I truly---in the deepest places of my soul--believe that music has the power to transform us all. An experience so splendid in it's simplicity that using words to describe it feels impure.

And, where did this all happen?
On the couch.
Yes, huddled under the faux fur red blanket....I spent 90 glorious minutes.
Moments of sheer joy.
My world stood still.
My universe rocked.
I was 19 again.

The world of work and laundry and doing dishes is not my life.
It's June, 1978, Carmen and I are sitting on the hood of his red Camaro, in Rich Kaufman's garage, listening to......Darkness on The Edge of Town...
I am holding the album cover in my hands.
I was in love. With so much.

Oh, dad....did you say you wanted breakfast?

I am still in a world where I feel the music and believe in the story.

Yes, your coffee is ready, dad.

I believe in the power of rock and roll.
And, I want you to feel the way I do......

May the joy be yours.....

Happy Saturday from my Promisedland to yours.....


Kathy said...

You're right Judi. It took me back too. Only I didn't discover Bruce until I was about 40 and it took me back to the concerts I attended with my friends. What a great time in my life that was.

Debbie said...


Prof H said...

I know how you feel.

Band-Babe said...

Should I even try to define this? I'm in the same place right now. Going back to the things that I loved in a more care free time. It's exhilerating, and feels so damn good and right. Words do seem cheap. Please tell me this is more than a mid-life crisis... it certainly doesn't feel like a crisis. It's like I finally appreciate all I should have in my youth, and am now light enough and still young enough to do it all right. Kind of like a second chance to do it all over again, but I get to keep what I've learned. Anyway... great post. Thanks!

Darlin1 said...

Thanks Judi--I too believe in the power of rock and roll--I'm going to try and find this documentary.

Les(ley)ismore said...

OMGOMGOMG!! Thank you for posting this! Reading your blog always makes me feel good. I have to make a daily habit of coming to JUDILAND!!!!Wish I could bookmark it on my work computer!
With the band,