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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All of a sudden.....

I'm too thin?
Is that a bad thing?

Please, dear world.....stop. right. here.
Let me savour this moment, these words, this feeling.
Let me taste the deliciousness.
Let me smell the aroma.
Let me soak in it's aura.
Let me hear the melody.
Let me embrace the life.
Let me sing the song.
Let me feel the passion.
Let me wrap my arms and my legs and my tonsils around it's sweetness.
Let me rejoice in the touch.....
Of. Being. Too. Thin.
Then, pass me a nacho....dripping in cheese and gooey goodness.
Oh and don't forget my margarita.

Wake up Judi.

Where am I?

Did someone say I was getting too thin?

Yes, Judi, someone said you are getting too thin.

Oh, how I love that someone.....
I want to smother that someone with kisses.

Then, I'll have that nacho.
And, that margarita.


Nicole said...

Love this xoxo

Monica said...

Being too thin is NOT a good thing Judi dear especially as we age! Sometimes we can't see what others see! Please heed what was said to you!