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Saturday, May 22, 2010

You are all so good to me.......

you worry about me so much, you reach out to me, you check in on me, you cheer me on.....
I feel so guilty.
So, so guilty.
I didn't mean for you to worry or take time out of your busy day to check on me or to send me encouraging words.
Yet, so many of you did.
So many of you.

Let me set the record straight.
Yesterday the big project at work that I was involved in was....drum roll please......
A Pizza Challenge.
(it was run exactly like the Iron Chef challenge....)

Yeah, yeah, I know.
I made you worry about me for nothing.

But, really, everything I said was true.
You can ask blog reader Gerry. She knows.
These challenges....called The Dean's Cup....are huge deals in my office, throughout the division and on our campus.
HUGE deals.

But, we didn't win.
We came in SECOND PLACE.
We were robbed.
It was brutal.
If I had the energy left, I would have launched an investigation.
But, I was so wiped out from the sheer emotion and work of it all that I accepted our lot and decided to spend the weekend plotting our revenge.....
Because, really, we should have won.
Really. Really.
Here. Let me prove it.
You tell me...... what could be better than our Pizza Challenge entry:

Amore Pizza

When the moon hits your eye like a big-a AppPizza pie…..that’s AMORE!”

AppPizza~~A fresh mela (apple) salsa nestled in a bed of creamy ricotta on a pillow of dough, dusted with Southern Pecans!

AppPizza…… for those moments that call for more than sauce and cheese……

Just like love, this pizza is a delicate, sweet and tart blend of nature’s most revered fruit enhanced by a little nuttiness, a jigger of spice, a touch of sass, a smooth finish and some dough….


We should have won....right??????


Stephanie said...

I don't know whether to love you for letting me know of such a delicious sounding recipe or to hate you for teasing me with such a delicious sounding recipe I know I really shouldn't have! :)

Second place is pretty awesome, but I do think you were robbed.

Jenny said...

Sounds really interesting! I definately would have voted for you!!

Sam said...

Love It.

Certainly sounds like all the stress was worth it, and it does sound like you may have been pipped at the post;)