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Monday, March 15, 2010

A historical look at the St. Patrick's Day Parade.....

also known as----

in Judiland

Here I am, waiting at the trolley stop....heading to the parade. This particular year, I had to run out at the last minute and get a green track suit---
I had outgrown my green duds from 2004.
Hmmm....I don't look too happy here...maybe the trolley was late?

There I am, smack in the middle of my petite niece and my thinner, younger sister!
I had lost a few pounds that year, had finally fit into a size 18 pair of jeans and thought I could tuck my shirt in. What was I thinking?
BTW....note my amazing St. Pat's Day jacket.....
I wore it for the 2006 and 2007 St. Patrick's Day seasons...
it was a size 3x and I personally embellished it over a string of
3 very late nights of heavy duty creative crafting

Here I am with our friend Kevin--closing out the night at the Saloon. At this point, I had made the decision to go Lapband and was slowly going through the pre-lapband process. I had to run out the night before to buy a new pair of jeans to wear--size 22......

2008 parade day was interrupted by a case of pneumonia and bronchitis. Although I made it to the parade (of course!) in a pair of size 16 jeans, I was not in the picture-taking mood!
Plus, I'm pretty sure I was home in bed by 4 pm that day.....

partying on a mix of Theraflu and Vicks Vapo Rub will to it to you everytime!

Parade day 2009 had me wearing a pair
of size 12 petite bright green jeans from Coldwater Creek!

check out Carmen....the 2 fisted green beer drinker....
gotta get the Irish in that Italian boy somehow!

Did someone say Size 8 boyfriend jeans from New York and Company?

Through pants broad and narrow, I was wearing big ones and little ones, alive, alive oh!!!!!!!!!!!


Band Groupie said...

You are rockin' those boyfriend jeans...size 8?!!! WOW!!!

I need to spend some time here catching up...maintenance looks good on you!!! -BG

Kathy said...

You are lookin good Judi!! Looks like you enjoyed yourself at the parade this year. I saw it on our local news last night here in Oregon. Imagine that!!