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Friday, March 26, 2010


And, I know exactly how I want to spend it.
So, I'm gearing up to wage an all out demonstration here in Judiland.
When Carmen walks through that door....I am going to be carrying a sign that says "Il Pizzaola OR BUST".
And, like a good demonstrator, I'll be chanting--
Take me to Il Pizz or I will go on a wife strike!
No more laundry. No more cleaning!
No more cooking!
No more you know what!

It's not a fancy place.
A little neighborhood-y, bistro-y, rustic-y kind of place.
It's what I am in the mood for tonight.
Sure, I love boisterous neighborhood bars, little local pubs and even around-the-corner divey spots .
Sometimes I even like romantic, dimly lit, cha-cha kind of places.
But, not tonight.

And, you know what?
Going to Il Pizz...for me....right now....has nothing to do with the food.
I can thank my Lap band for that....
Although the food is good.
Very good.
So, I'm sure I'll have a few morsels.
Last time we were there....I had this amazing appetizer called Il Pizz, they serve it caprese die for....and a Lapbander's dream food....

But, no....

Right now....for's all about the atmosphere and the ambiance.
Oh, and the wine.
They've got this lush Pino Grigio that goes so well with sitting there in that ambiance.
It's what I need right now.
I can feel it in my soul.
And, did I mention that Carmen loves their dirty martinis?
I need Carmen to have one of those. I like him so much better when he does....
Especially on Fridays....

It's just the perfect place.....for this moment in time.

No, there's nothing special about this moment.

Sure, I've got a few things on my mind.
And, yes, it's Friday.
But, my week wasn't horrible.
It was busy and tiring and draining and chaotic and overwhelming.
But, it wasn't horrible.
And, yes, I know, I haven't even planned for Easter.
Or shopped for Easter.
Or even made a list of what I need to do for Easter.
And, I haven't even decorated for Easter.
And I've got the whole family coming.
So, I do have Easter stress....
Oh, and, sure, this weekend is the start of a new chapter in my life (more on that later...nothing for you to worry about)
But, me wanting to go to Il Pizz isn't about any of that.
Or, maybe it's all about all of that.

All I know is---it's Friday.
And, I want to go to Il Pizz.

I'm all about--take me to Il Pizzailo or risk wearing dirty underwear for the rest of your life....


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Kathy said...

You've made it sound sooo good. I want to be sitting next to you with my own glass of Pino Grigio.