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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Food beats out weather.......

as a topic of conversation.......

A few weeks back, we met a few friends for drinks at a quaint little local place.
Carmen is in love with their dirty martinis and I am ga-ga over their unique wine list.
That's why we suggested meeting at this particular little spot near our house--a hidden enclave behind a small stone-oven restaurant on the main drag of my little suburban hamlet-- the wine and martini bar behind Il Pizzaiolo on Washington Road.
Here's a recent description of the place:
This place is a cocoon made for cool nights. From the well-worn leather couch facing the fireplace to the backlit blue bar, this room is as suited for romantic couples as it is for a gaggle o'pals.

LET ME BE CLEAR--this particular outing at this quaint little place was all about boozing.
We were not meeting for dinner and we had no intention of having food.
This night out was all about having a few drinks.

Then, why is it that all we talked about was--FOOD?

An entire table filled with eight over-50- folks-- all of us talking over each other--about FOOD!

Honestly, with the kind of weather we had been having--it would have been perfectly understandable if we would have had snow stories or shoveling stories or driving-in-snow stories or being-snowed-in stories.....
Instead, we had FOOD STORIES.
Two solid hours, several martinis and many glasses of wine later---all we talked about was FOOD---recipes, cooking classes, restaurants, holiday meals, FoodTV, best meals.....
Oh, you name the food or the food event or anything food-related ......we talked about it.
No. No. No.
We didn't just talk about FOOD.....we had emotional, heart-to-heart, gut wrenching, secret-sharing, drop-to-your-knees discussions about FOOD!
We had just survived several historical snow storms.....yet all we could talk about was FOOD?

Yes, friends, this is my life.

But, I love it.
Food won't go matter how many drinks I consume!
(just like every other challenge or obstacle in life!)
That's why I love my Lapband.
That's why I need my Lapband.

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