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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The road not taken...... you think about it?

(yep, that's another provacative pix that inspired me from Prof H's
Rowdy Beagle Studio

Sometimes I think all roads lead to and from my lapband. Yesterday, as I lay on the table having my stomach poked by yet another novice technician (getting my band filled), I wondered---what if I didn't have my lapband? Where would I be at this precise moment? How would I be feeling? What would I be doing? And, what would I be wearing? Sometimes I think I know the answers to those questions. Other times I don't. Yet, regardless of what those answers are---I know this--I'd rather be laying on that table having my stomach stabbed, feeling healthier and more alive than ever, wearing my brand new Anthropologie jacket and size 12 moleskin pants than I would be without it. The road to my lapband and every road to and from it are intricately connected. From how I am feeling to what I am doing to what I am wearing are all because I chose the Lapband Road.

Oh, Lapband Road, Oh Lapband Road......


Kathy said...

Here! Here! I would have to agree with that myself. Isn't it fun when they can't find the damn port and poke around like you are a pin cushion??

Jody V said...

Perfectly worded as usual Judi!! My surgeon does all my fills under fluoro. Thank God because I have a fear of needles!! Fills freak me out!