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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Going out to eat this weekend? Thinking about some retail therapy?

....don't you know we have to tighten our belts?

All this doom and gloom is getting on my nerves. Between the non stop reports on the economy and the constant stream of information on how restaurants are bamboozling us about what's really in their meals, I've just about had it. You can't turn on the TV, you can't open your mail, you can't read your email, you can't listen to the radio, you can't have a decent conversation at home, at work or with a stranger on the street without hearing about it all. There's businesses closing their doors, families losing their homes, jobs being lost and people consuming more calories and fat than ever before. Honestly, it's enough to make you want to eat, drink and then eat and drink some more. But, we can't....

So, what can we do?
I'm really not into the woe is me stuff. And, I'm not into deprivation of any type. But, I am creative. I'll give myself that much. I've really tried to be a good steward of resources over the years even with my penchant for being excessive at times. Yet, even with all that good stewardship, I still haven't learned the fine art of doing without. At the end of a long, hard week....I really do enjoy going out to dinner--not paying much mind to the prices on the menu, ordering top shelf gin and experimenting with wines. And...I really do have a thing for clothes, shoes, make up and jewelry. Not to mention china, candles, antique furniture and home decor of all types. And, I love to cook, read magazines, go to concerts and give gifts. And, of course....let's not forget my love of kitchen utensils, Italian pottery and folk art. Plus...I just love my 2 week vacation at the beach in a big rambling house with a pool. And, I'm truly a pushover when it comes to my kids. I have always loved lavishing them and giving in to their whims and watching their eyes light up. And,of course, I am all about food. I love visiting new restaurants, collecting recipe books and cooking up big feasts! But, sadly, doing any of that to any great degree is not belt tightening times. It's not smart, it's not helpful and to be honest--it's arrogant. And, just like everyone else--my life has been effected by the times. There's not a day goes by that I haven't been reminded of it. And, lately, I'm reminded of it several times a day. And, just as importantly....I have come this far in my weight loss journey, I can't screw it up by succumbing to overeating, eating the wrong foods or consuming unhealthy amounts of fats and calories. Or, I won't even be able to get on a belt!

So...this is the part of this blog where my creativity is supposed to kick in, right?
I'm trying, friends, I'm trying. I'm constantly trying to figure out ways to live the life I want to live without feeling the pain of sacrificing those things that really bring joy to my life. And, I'm trying to educate myself about what I really do need to bring that joy to my life. How can I make this all effortless and painless? For me. And, for my family.

I'm working on it. Isn't that what being 50 is all about?


Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Well, I'm not going out to eat this weekend. I'm on a "eating out strike" to save more money, pay more attention to what we eat and control our portions! But, I am going SHOPPING!! Our youngest daughter is leaving with me on Saturday the 14th for Florida!! Yeah, to visit my parents. . . so I could use some new threads. (Just a few, well maybe, just a few more) LOL!

Have a great weekend.



Kathy said...

I know what you mean Judi. Today my hubby and I drove to a mall in the town we are in now and half of the stores were closed down. The biggest department store in the mall was under construction so they had the different departments in different storefronts. It was so strange. It is sad seeing so many businesses empty like Linens and Things and Circuit City. I hope things turn around before they get worse. Here I go more doom and gloom. Sorry.

Gerry said...

I was talking to my sister yesterday and we realized we haven't had a vacation in 10 years. She doesn't want to leave my mom by herself and I just can't afford it. But regardless...and you know I am the queen of corn balls, it's people like you that make the world bearable and nice to be in. Have a wonderful weekend because you certainly deserve it.