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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The F Word.........

Yes, friends, it happened......THE FLU. And, no, I cannot even suffer alone. Yes, I was blessed with company in my misery. Just in case there was any chance that I was going to wallow away in self-pity or woe-is-me behavior or even damn my bad luck---I was sent an in-your-face reminder that I could feel worse----Carmen came down with a much more intense case. I have a headache. He has a monster headache. My back hurts. His back is killing him. I am cold. He is chilled to the bone. I have a fever. He is on fire. In fact, his strain is so bad, he has lost all sense of direction---he has no idea where the kitchen sink, the refrigerator or the medicine cabinet are located. Plus, his flu is so terrible, he cannot even walk from place to place, bend over to pick something up or even pull the covers over his flu-infested body. The only bodily functions he seems to be able to employ are moans from his mouth and tapping his fingers on the remote. Unfortunately, for the me, the only thing the flu has seemed to do is make me horribly cranky. It stripped away my gentile and loving Florence Nightingale qualities---replacing them with ones more closely resembling those of Leona Helmsley. A sad state of affairs. Yes indeed. Not only am I now less than 1 year from the 1/2 century mark, I'm also a super bitch with a headache who is married to the undisputed Flu Champion of the Universe.

And, it doesn't stop there. No, it appears that Toni has managed to be infected guessed it folks--THE FLU. This horrible illness has taken my house and my life by storm. There's no laying on the couch watching soap operas and old movies for me. There's super shrink wrapped pills to be wrestled with and doled out. There's glasses of water and pots of tea to be made. There's throws and blankets to be dug out of closets and out from under beds. There is suffering to be tended to. And, yes, there's my silent misery to reckon with. But, most importantly, I have to find a way to stay in the race. Carmen may be the Flu Champion of the Universe and Toni may have a strong hold on the American Flu Idol title. But, I......yes.....I am.....


Did I mention the F word?

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Anonymous said...

You are the F'in QUEEN!
Get well soon so you can go out and enjoy being 49!