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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Clockwork Judi........

The high winds that we had late last night, overnight and this morning knocked out my power---not once--but several times. Try blow-drying your hair, putting on make up and climbing through a very messy closet looking for a black suit---- at intervals. I was running late because my alarm did not go off and then spent the better part of 2 hours playing "guess when the electricity will go off again?"/"guess how long it will be off?" So, that's how my day started out. No wonder my mind never fully recovered.

This evening, after I made my way home through particularly vexing traffic, I spent the next hour resetting all of our blinking clocks. How many clocks can a person have? Well, quite a few......take it from me.

Blinking clocks. They are funny. After making some random jokes to myself about the absurdity of time and clocks and how they are at the core of our existence--24 hours a day, it got me to thinking more abstractly about clocks and their relationship to life. (see what I meant about my mind not fully recovering?) I thought about--the ever popular "biological clock" that ticks in the bodies of women, the internal human alarm clock that some people claim to have and of course, that much researched "ticking clock" inside all humans. And, of course, I thought about food. You know--- the whole idea of people who eat on schedule---much like babies. If it's noon, they eat lunch. If it's 5pm, they eat dinner. My body never demanded to eat at any particular time. It just demanded to eat---with no regard for what the clock said. I guess my body was one of those "it's 5 0'clock somewhere" bodies. My precious Lapband helps with that problem now. Thank God for my Lapband. And, thank God for clocks.

In any case, as my mania continued, I convinced myself that I am like a digital clock. And, January resets me. Yes, you heard me right---January resets me. It might sound a little far-fetched but somehow it all made sense to me as I further contemplated the notion. Here's my rational..... digital clocks blink until you reset them. Right? But, the regular plug-in clocks with the "hands" just loose time. And, the battery clocks keep perfect time no matter what---until they can't go anymore, that is. So, why does that make me a digital clock? And, how do I figure that January resets me? Here goes----in late-November---I "go out".....the end of the year is approaching, things at work have been a mad roller coaster and Thanksgiving is coming.....I'm tired and ready for a peaceful holiday. In early December---I am "back on". And, I am blinking--the entire month. Blinking. Who cares what time it is. There's not enough time. Time looses all meaning. Blinking. Blinking. No time to reset. So, I spend the entire month of December just blinking. Come January, there's a lull in the action, I have to get back to business and wa-la--- I reset. It's a new year. It's the month when I turn another year older. It's January. I'm reset. Yes, I am a digital clock. A digital clock with a Lapband, of course.

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