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Monday, January 21, 2008

Baby, it's COLD outside! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

I lost a 50 lb blanket. So, a girl has got to find other ways to get warm!
In the interest of keeping things G-rated (I have a sneaky suspicion my sweet, innocent daughter, my impressionable nieces, perhaps even my angelic sisters and a few of my tamer freinds may read this.....), I'm going to share my newest winter warm-up......Fat Free, Sugar Free, Protein Packed Chai Latte! It's the perfect indulgence for us LapBanded girls and boys as well as all you other shivering folks!


-1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder

-1 scoop General Foods International Sugar Free Chai Latte (powder)

-1/2 cup Fat Free Skim Milk
-A touch of Cinnamon, ground cardamone & nutmeg (1, 2 or all 3)--I've also used Pumpkin Pie spice

Place all ingredients in a large shaker with a lid and dance around the kitchen shaking it up

(this method burns a few extra calories)


Place all ingrdients in a MAGIC BULLET and give a nice whirl

Put the shaker or the BULLET in the microwave and heat for 1.5-2 minutes. Pour into you latte cup, give it a little extra shake of cinnamon. You can put a dollop of light Cool Whip if you want! Stir a little. Cuddle up with one of those faux fur throws (red or leopard print) and enjoy........

Hey if you are feeling a tad bit racey......throw in a shot of a creme liquer. Or, maybe Frangelica for a little nutty flavor. Or, what do you think about Bailey's Irish Creme? OOOH, maybe some Captain Morgan. Or, one of those Godiva Liquers? What about Casis? Vanilla Vodka? Hey.....I even saw something called Voyant Chai Cream. And, while we are at about asking a favorite someone to join you under that faux fur throw?

Okay then......looks like I have quite a bit of recipe tweaking and warm up experimentation to do.........................


Voyant Chai said...

Judi - if you like Chai Latte - you will LOVE Voyant Chai. It is a Chai Latte with a "kick"

Anonymous said...


Wooopie! Wow you have the real VOYANT CHAI people posting to your blog! You are famous! Chai Latte with a kick sounds like you have to have it for those cold nights under the faux fur throw.
Thanks for keeping up with your blog. I look forward to each post and enjoy them all. Yes, get a life Jen! Honestly, honey, you should get paid for this.