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Monday, October 21, 2013

I'm just way too pretty for housework......

my looks are best suited to cooking in the kitchen or shopping at the mall or sipping libations at the bar.....
Why can't I just have it all???

This morning, I have a major housework hangover.
Although Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest or a day of cooking or a day of shopping or a day of football or a day of movie-watching or getting pedicures or reading magazines or visiting with old aunts, I was forced into manual labor. 
Yes, forced.
You see, next weekend begins the house guest and entertaining season here in Judiland. 
And, it stretches all the way until January 2, 2014. 
If only my house guests could just come and eat  drink and make merry and not have to sleep or poke in every nook and cranny, I'd be just fine.  
But, no.....I've got needy visitors.  
They want to have sheets on their beds and not clothes and assorted junk piled high on them.
And, they want to shower in an empty shower stall--they don't like to share it with buckets and mops and assorted cleaning supplies. 
And, I am pretty sure they would open the closets and cabinets and peek under the beds and the dressers.    
They are awfully nosey too. 
Plus, they expect everything to be spic and span clean in addition to being clutter free.  
When will their demands end???  
Needy, nosey and high maintenance.
That's why I was forced into manual labor.  

I know, I're sitting there thinking that I have someone who comes in every other week to do some cleaning so I should not be complaining. 
But, let me tell you....even having cleaning help causes me work. 
Before she comes, I have to get the house ready for her to come.
Which gives me no time to tackle major projects like controlling the clutter of the shit I throw in the rooms and spaces and closets that I don't have my cleaning helper clean.
So.....yesterday I awoke during the wee hours of the morning and began my chores.
By 10 am, I had to take a break to make wedding soup and French onion soup and a good old fashioned pot roast and braciole.
No, no one was coming to dinner.
I just needed a break.
And, a good excuse to keep me in the kitchen so that I was so busy cooking for my imaginary dinner party that I just could not finish cleaning that awful closet or tackled under the bed or scrub down the shower stall....

By 2 pm, I not only had a huge mess in the kitchen and a problem of where I was going to put all the food that I just cooked but I still had the rest of my work to finish.
The torture did not end until midnight.
And, I am not even done.
But, I have a freezer full of yummy food.  

Yes, I am my own worse enemy.
But, still....I deserve sympathy.
 A housework hangover is worse than a wine and gin hangover combined....
And, to make matters worse, it's effin Monday!
But, dinner is made.  



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