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Sunday, April 27, 2008


A sense of humor is a good thing. Optimism is important. Have faith. See the light at the end of the tunnel. Know that goodness will prevail. Believe that you are stronger than you even realize. Trust that what you have given has been all you have to give. And know that what you've given has been good and kind and filled with love. Keep the hope alive. See the faces and hear the voices of those who love you. Feel the warmth of friendships. These are the things that get you through the bumps in the road, the sleepless nights, the bleak mornings and the long lonely afternoons. It's not the french fries, the chips, the wine, the chocolate, the pie, the cake, the cookies, the huge bowls of pasta or the overflowing ice cream cones. It's not even the shoes. Well.....maybe the shoes. But, definitely not the other stuff. Like I said, a sense of humor is a good thing. A very good thing. Now, a sense of humor that came with mega doses of caffeine would be a better thing. But, I'll settle for good right now.


Anonymous said...

Reading in between the lines of your last 2 notes and feeling like you could use a big hug! I want to give you one right now!((((())))) I hope you are getting them in real life too! YOU deserve them more than anyone I know. You are the kindest, most generous, giving sweetheart~~~only good things should come to you! I can only imagine the other lives you touched knowing how you have touched mine and been there for me no matter WHAT! EVERYONE owes you girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Judi,
I am one your silent infamous blog lurkers! I love your blog and feel like you are a friend. You really are funny and giving and YOU are a big inspiration! Wanted to say I am sorry if you are having any stress or sadness. I hope it goes away soon.

Good thoughts,